Commercial Entrance Mats are Important

If you are familiar with our blog, you would know that we talk a lot about mats – different kinds of mats! But today, we would like to take a pause and come back to and reiterate an important topic. The need for a commercial entrance mat! Why should you use entrance mats at your place of business? They are crucial, essential and the benefits to owning one are many. Let us talk of just a few reasons why installing a floor mat would be beneficial to you. Entrance Mats For Dirt Control Tritan Fingertip MatA Commercial entrance mat is your effective solution to dirt problem. Simple in nature and functional by design, entrance mats stop dirt and grime at the door. Without these entrance mats, dirt gets tracked into the building leading to scratched and damaged floors. Dirt and debris also have the bad habit of getting embedded in your carpets. When people walk over these carpets filled with dirt and grime, it is then further spreads as dust throughout your property where it settles into air ducts and everywhere else. While dirt control enhances visitor safety, more importantly this creates a clean and professional looking workplace. Make a positive first impression with your guests by conveying that ideals of cleanliness, conscientiousness, and professionalism as your top priorities. Entrance Mats For Floor Protection Arrow Trax MattingFlooring is important so you must protect it using commercial entrance mats. Floor surfaces like hardwood, ceramic tile, finished concrete, and granite are a common choice of flooring in commercial entryways, elevator lobbies, loading docks, and other areas where freight and heavy objects are often moved. These types of flooring may easily become chipped, scratched, or cracked by dropped objects or even normal wear and tear. Such damage can accumulate over time, eventually leading to a floor that is unsafe and not to mention very unprofessional looking. A durably and good quality entrance mat is effective in protecting your floor surface by serving as a buffer against damage over time. Entrance Mats For Safety Debris Trap Modular With Carpet InsertsAs a commercial place of business, it is in your legal interest to keep the entrance safe and accessible for the public. At any given point of time, an entrance is a place where accidents are waiting to happen. Like you, many other buildings face the same issues - slippery flooring leading to trips, slips, and falls and other incidents. Whether it be a bruise, a twisted ankle, or a ride to the hospital, it is an avoidable inconvenience that can impact your life and stop productivity. Not to mention they are a potential lawsuit waiting to happen. Prevent all of this by installing a commercial doormat. Entrance Mats reduces the occurrence of accidents in two main ways. First, they remove dirt and moisture from guests’ shoes and contain the debris before it can build up on the floor surface. This keeps smooth floor surfaces like hardwood and granite from becoming slippery over time. Second, an entrance mat with a non-slip rubber backing help the mat stay fixed to the floor. This reduces the risk of a slip-and-fall accident resulting from a sliding floor mat. Entrance Mats for Branding DuranNopCustomLogoMatEntrance mats are customizable. Commercial Entrance mats can be customized to accommodate the uniqueness of your building and business. Combining the benefits of a floor mat with eye-catching designs will give your marketing efforts the extra push you need with the New Year. Custom Logo Mats, placed in entryways, elevator lobbies, and reception areas are useful to deliver branding messages to guests. Vibrant logo matting can be used to complement your existing marketing efforts, helping to convert guests into customers, develop brand affinity, and generate long-lasting repeat business. A commercial entrance mat is worth investing for so many reasons. Check out our website for our full range of commercial entrance mats. Invest in a good quality entrance mat that works best for you and enjoy the benefits it brings you for years to come.