Chair Mats – Protect Your Legs, Floors & Carpets!

We know you are hard at work, on your chair, at your desk... but let’s take this moment to talk about an important message that ties right in with your work – specifically your office chair! chair mats for hard floorsAre you... constantly struggling to move your work chair from one area to the next... have legs that whine and complain with all that difficult and constant chair pushing... find that your chair (and those dirty shoes) wreaks havoc on your hardwood floor and expensive carpets... looking to add some elegant and tasteful look to your work environment. If you have said yes to all or even one of the above, then it is time to invest in a practical yet beautiful office chair mat! Investing in a chair mat is important and comes with many benefits. Let’s take a look at these benefits shall we...? Stop all that strain and struggle as you roll from one spot to another with your office chair! An office chair mat will allow your chair to easily move across the floor as compared to having to huff and puff while pushing it around with your leg muscles. Ergonomically effective, the chair mats will put an end to leg fatigue and provide you with ease of motion. Please note - repetitive pushing with your leg muscles can lead to leg and back discomfort and pain. black chair mats for hard floorsYou get to extend the life of your carpet and protect your hardwood floors from damage and wear caused by chair casters. Perfect for both corporate and home workspace, consider the chair mat a worthwhile investment. These chair mats will protect your carpet or hardwood flooring and extend their life span by spreading out and reducing the pressure from chair casters. While buying and installing new flooring or carpets can make a dent in your budget, getting a chair mat is pretty affordable with even the highest good quality of chair mats Chair Mats will give your office decor a modern and chic look while keeping the desk area clean and new looking. Drink sodas, coffee and/or eat at their desk are accidents waiting to happen! Wet or muddy shoes add to the worry and will damage your floor over time. Remove the worry of such accidents and damages with an affordable chair mat. Dirt and other spills can easily be wiped off with a cloth on the plastic surface for a clean and scuff free work area. Ok, now that we see how “extremely” useful these chair mats are... let us move on to what we at Canada Mats have to offer in the chair mats section. chair mats atriumAt Canada Mats, we give you chair mats in a wide variety of designs and caters to your hardwood or carpeted surface needs. And, as we believe that function does not necessarily have to mean boring, we make sure to stock chair mats in different palettes of rich colour that will cater to a wide variety of tastes and complement any decor. We help you choose a chair mat that will best suit your needs – keeping in mind the flooring type, the size, shape and thickness and decor. Decorative and functional, the chair mats with us at Canada Mats, are made out of vinyl that is free of chemicals like BPA, Cadmium, phthalates or lead. These chair mats are also environmentally friendly as they contain over 35% total recycled content. All chair mats come backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Choose the right product for you and your chair mat will give you years of comfort and easy movement in addition to looking beautiful all the while protecting your expensive flooring and carpets. anti_static_pile_carpetAs for the types of chair mats we stock – you can choose from a range hardwood floor chair mats, chair mats for low pile carpets, chair mats for medium pile carpets and high pile carpet chair mats. And since we do not believe in doing things in small measures, we also have decorative chair mats that provide the look and feel of an area rug – quite the big hit amongst our customers wanting something different from a traditional vinyl chair mat. Then there are also the anti-static chair mats which will give you superb anti-static protection and are chemically formulated to dissipate electricity before it has a chance to damage or harm sensitive computer equipment. Check out our chair mats web page for the list of all chair mats. If you do not find the chair mat you are looking for please feel free to call us at 1-800-624-0041 or 604-628-7791 or email us at We don’t just stop at office chair mats!!! Yes, we also carry a large selection of desk mats or desk pads that will help protect your desk from scratches and stains. Come back to our blog next week for more information on these products.