Are Canadians too polite?

Bookmark and Share Inspired by our new rude doormat collection we hit the streets of Vancouver with our “Oh Shit Not You Again” doormat to find out if Canadians would be capable of getting behind an obscene mat such as this one. Our little experiment led to a lot of funny looks and a ton of questions. Overall people seemed pretty stoked on our new doormat, but when we asked them to be rude to us, do you think they could? Are you Rude? Here are a few of the questions that we asked some of your fellow friendly Canadians in December:
  • Are Canadians too polite?
  • Would it be better if Canadians were more rude?
  • Could you say something rude to us right now
  • What do you think about our rude mat?
Feel free to join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #getrudecanada, or let us know how you feel on our Facebook page! Not only are our door mats sassy as heck they are also made from incredibly durable coir fibers that are perfect for daily stomping, scraping, and squishing. Coir fibers actually come from coconuts and are what the first doormats were made from along with most of the doormats manufactured today. In order to maintain the maximum amount of color and durability these mats should ideally be kept under an overhang if you are living in a city that gets a lot of rain, like Vancouver. Check out a few more of our funny doormats, click the pictures for more details. Check out how Vancouver responded: