Antique Collection Anti-fatigue Mats

Gorgeous anti-fatigue mats with an antique twist offer a charming aged look that will enhance the classic and transitional look of any interior. Utilizing a permanent process, they provide a look of sophistication and is available in 5 beautiful patterns and 2 shades of antiquity. Like all wellness mats, these mats will never de-laminate, curl up, and offer the ultimate in comfort and beauty. Backed by a 7 year warranty, these anti-fatigue mats are 100% recyclable as they can be made into other products at the end of their life. Made out of 100% polyurethane, these gorgeous antique anti-fatigue mats are free from all types of chemicals like BPA, PVC toxins and are of the highest standard in anti-fatigue mats. Bella Anti-fatigue Mats offer the best in comfort and class with a gorgeous lyrical floral pattern.
Bella Anti-fatigue Mats Bella Anti-fatigue Mats
Entwine Kitchen Mats have been inspired from French antiquity decor that make you reminisce about emblems of time
Entwine Anti-fatigue Mats Entwine Anti-fatigue Mats
Trellis Anti-fatigue Mat in Light Shade features a beautiful lattice like design inspired by antique wrought iron design.
Trellis Anti-fatigue Mat Trellis Anti-fatigue Mat
Moire Anti-fatigue Mats will complement any decor with its interlocking pattern of soft grids.
Moire Anti-fatigue Mats Moire Anti-fatigue Mats
Linen Anti-fatigue Mats offers a simplistic touch with its textured natural woven look.
Linen Pattern Anti-fatigue Mats Linen Pattern Anti-fatigue Mats