Add the Personal Touch to your Doormat

There is something richly traditional and heart-warming about personalized mats. They seem to say: here is the place this family calls home and hearth. Within these walls lives a set of people with their own special culture and a thousand little traditions that make this house a home. A personalized mat is a family’s way of being proud of itself. The emotion is all yours. Canadamats simply provides you with a range of designs to express it. And it's quite a range. You can pick your choice of shapes—rectangular or half round. Design-wise, you get a range of border colours, border designs and mat colours on which you can stencil your full name or just your first name or last name. There are two main materials used for the mats. Pure coir mats are made out of 100% natural coir fibers derived from the outer husks of coconuts. This makes pure coir mats environmentally friendly. The tough texture makes them great bootscraper mats, preventing dirt from getting inside the house. The other type of mat is the vinyl back coir mat. This mat allows for all the stylishness of a coir mat and adds the qualities of durability and ease of maintenance through the vinyl backing. These doormats also make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Now that you know a thing or two about the mats, check out the selection we have hand-picked to give you an idea of what we have on Single Border Personalized Doormats SingleBorder-BROWN-PersonalizedThe retro elegance of the Single Border Personalized Doormats will floor you. Choose from environment-friendly pure coir mats or tough and durable vinyl back coir mats. These mats come in three sizes and in black, brown, blue and green colours for the border. Double Border Personalized Doormats DoubleBorder-BLUE-PersonalizedThe Double Border Personalized Doormats come with a double-lined border that exudes timeless elegance. You can choose from pure coir mats and vinyl back coir mats. The mats come in three sizes and in black, brown, blue and green colours for the border. Leafy Vines Personalized Doormats LeafyVines-BLACK-PersonalizedA border of a leaf print is royal and artistic. That is why the Leafy Vines Personalized Doormat is such a delight to have on your doorstep. You have a choice between pure coir and vinyl back coir mats. Plus, there are three sizes and four colours to choose from—black, brown, blue and green. Rolling Scrolls Personalized Doormats RollingScrolls-GREEN-PersonalizedThe vintage border of the Rolling Scrolls Border Personalized Doormat is elegant and retro-chic. These mats are available in pure coir as well as vinyl back coir. You can also choose from three sizes and four colours—black, brown, blue and green. Blooming Hearts Personalized Doormats BloomingHearts-RED-PersonalizedA border pattern composed of vintage hearts makes the Blooming Hearts Personalized Doormats look delicate and elegant. Take your pick from pure coir and vinyl back coir mats. They are available in three sizes and four colours—black, brown, blue and green Plain (No Border) Personalized Doormats plainpersonalizedcocomat Those who prefer that the natural texture and warm colour of coir shine through without any embellishments will like the Plain Personalized Doormats. Take your pick from pure coir and vinyl back coir mats. You can have your full name of a monogram stenciled on the mat. If you are sold on these mats, then you can check out the entire range of Personalized Doormats at