Our New Mats!

New soft mats added, such as yoga mats (also suitable for video gaming, beach, deck, camping, garages), a variety of carpet tiles, soft rubber tiles, and soft bamboo mats. Gone are the days where you took an old blanket to the beach, now you can bring a portable mat (yoga mat), and be comfortable, this is especially handy if you are going to a beach with a few more rocks than you'd like. These handy mats even come with a carrying strap, making them the ideal mat for yoga, and any of your other portable mat needs. Speaking of portable mats, bamboo mats are easy to roll up and pack around to trade shows, or festivals, and give your kiosk a look that stands out. Whether you're using it as an area rug, or a wall covering, they can really make your space look polished. These bamboo slats are super easy to install, either lay them out on your floor(they won't move around a whole lot thanks to their non-slip felt backgrounds), or attach them to your walls, they make for a quick fix for any unwanted scratches, dents, or holes. Love the look of carpet? Don't feel like committing to it? Or maybe you just have a small area that needs covering, and want a quick fix without all the glue and staples, and whatever else it is you need to install carpet. Then these Carpet tiles are perfect for you. They are super lightweight and very easy to install. They are fairly large, at 2' x 2' per tile, and the tile material is completely waterproof, so it will not absorb water, making them perfect for any areas that could be a bit leaky at times, like your basement. And they come in a large variety of colours. (See Also: Soft Wood Floors) And when it comes to martial arts, boxing, playgrounds, waterparks, and preschools, the new Jumbo Soft Floor tiles are perfect. These mats come in a variety of different colours and all our reversible, so you can change up your look, or hide any scratches easily, and they range from 2' x 2' to 4' x 4' as opposed to the smaller ones at only 2' x 2'. With our increased selection of soft floors you should have no problem taking care of all your soft floor needs, all in one place.