5 Tips for taking care of Carpet Entrance Mats

Since Entrance Mats are the first thing a person notice when they walk in the door, it is better to create a great first impression by keeping the carpeted entrance mats clean and maintaining its look and utility over a period of time. That is why we have 5 tips for making sure that we can increase the life length and appearance of the entrance mat.

1. Vacuum or Broom Daily :

Taking care of entrance mats especially in heavy traffic areas by vacuuming or brooming daily can enhance the longer life of the entrance mats and help it looking cleaner. Furthermore, doing this when carpet surface is dry will be especially useful in retaining its appearance.


2. Spot Removal Stains:

Cleaning up as spill as soon as it happens not only is useful at homes and with babies but is also a great tactic when your entrance mats are concerned. Try to absorb as much liquid as possible with the aid of any clean absorbent material. For stains that involve oil or grease try to blot until stain is removed and use dry cleaning fluid in small amounts.

3. Wet Shampooing:

When daily vacuuming and cleaning is not enough to restore the vibrant color of the entrance mats due to large amounts of embedded soil, it is recommended to do deep cleaning with shampooing. For shampooing, use any neutral synthetic detergent with tepid water (it is best to use 1/2 cup per gallon of water) and using hand brush method will also give great results. To remove suds, you can use a sponge or cloth. For matting with excessive soil, use detergent with brushing and then follow that with rinsing with cold water until soil is removed. A floor squeegee can be used to remove excess water and then the entrance matting can be placed in an inclined position to drain dry. In places where onsite maintenance is not available, the entrance matting can also be sent to profession mat cleaner and be shampooed. For professional shampooing, use only a flat washing equipment and not exceeding 120F.


4. Shedding of Fuzzing:

Some entrance mats will shed or fuzz but it very normal for the entrance mats.

5. Storage and Handling

When entrance mats are to stored, please roll the carpet with pile facing out and lay it flat and not crush it. We have to store the entrance mat in moderate temperature and dry place. Furthermore, if the borders on matting become broken then the matting should be moved from service until the tripping hazard are corrected. Matting must never be stored on end. That will cause the edges to curl and will void any warranty. Do not stack any materials or other matting on top of mat that is stored. When placing the mat please make sure that the floor is clean and back of the mat is free from any debris and dirt.

Frequent cleaning under the mats is also recommended After removing the mat from its package, the entrance mat should lay flat in a warm, dry environment for several hours that allow it to relax and uncurl before placing into a service. We hope that will all these tips you would be better able to take of your expensive commercial entrance mats and make sure they are well maintained to have a better life for these entrance mats.