5 Fun Christmas Doorways and Matching Personal Doormats

Here are some awesome doorways and in celebration of our new personalized mat collection we've included the perfect mat for each look. 1. Natural Elegance Adorn your door with cedar pinecones and unique twigs to create a rustic looking door that will make your guests think they’ve transported to a little cabin in the woods (and it’ll smell great too!). The pinecones hanging from the door can easily be replaced by a simple wicker wreath. Personalized Mats that match: Personalized Pinecone 2. Christmas Basics This is actually very simple, but is taken to another level when placed on a barn style house. Two of the main factors in pulling off this look are symmetry and color proportions, note how they haven’t overdone it on any of the three colors they have used. Personalized Mats that Match: Branchy Border 3. Christmas Fruit? Apple, Lemons and a Pineapple? This is a super unique way to decorate your door and will be sure to make your guests smile (and then tell their friends about the awesome door decorations they saw the other day). Personalized Mats that Match: Rope Border Monogram 4. Huge Elegance The yellow decorations and the lights really create a rich look, the upward pointing decorations make you feel like you’re walking into a winter wonderland, although the overhang at this house is quite high the upward pointing lights make it look even higher and this effect would also work on a house with a much lower overhang. Personalized Mats that Match: Classy Monogrammed Mat 5. All Lit Up This is a super simple way to really impress passer-bys. All the designer has done here is just hung up white string lights vertically in an even distribution across the house. Personalized Mats that Match: Charleston Border Monogrammed Mat