Why Heated Mats are great for the Winter?

Brrr! The cold winter is here and the temperature will soon go down and the snow is just around the corner. According to the Canadian Farmers Almanac , Canadians can expect a wild, wet, stormy and frigid weather with plenty of snow and rain in 2011-2012. What we need in this winter to make ourselves warm and cozy and help us avoid the effort in shoveling our walkways every other minute it snows. It is possible now with a huge selection of heated mats out there. Shoveling snow is very hard for the heart and can lead to plenty of back aches and muscle pain plus it is very difficult to find the time out of our busy schedule to shovel the snow from our walkways every time it snows. Residential Heated Walkway Mats for our homes are the solution to this problem. First of all, it melts snow at the rate of 2 inches of snow every hour, hence the snow will not accumulate around our walkways. Secondly, it is very effective in reducing accidents caused by slipping and falling due to snow on the walkway. Thirdly, these residential heated mats are very portable which means they can be easily moved when spring comes and you don’t need them anymore. Fourthly, even if you have stairs you can use a combination of Residential Heated Stairs Mats and Walkway Mats to make your path to the house clear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finally, for commercial purposes, there are some Industrial Heated Walkway Mats as well as Heated Stair Mats which can be placed in any facility and are different from Residential Heated Mats as they are made for heavier traffic and harsher weather. To prevent the snow from accumulating right outside our door, and accidents from happening, there are Heated Doormats which are durable as well as stylish and can be left outside for the entire winter and can be plugged into any 120 V outlet.
Heated Mats Residential Heated Walkway Mats
Making ourselves warm in the indoors is also possible with some indoor heated mats as well. These heated floor mats are energy efficient as they use 1/10 of the electricity as the space heater and use similar wattage as the light bulb. Constructed out of heavy rubber they are durable and waterproof and are good for drying out boots and shoes. These heated mats can be easily plugged into any household unit. These heated floors are also available in ergonomic design as well to offer maximum warmth and comfort to cold feet and legs as well. These heated mats are really phenomenal and comes with a 2 year warranty.