Baby Care FunZone Playpen

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Baby Care

All parents need a little helping hand with their little bubs! And, the Baby Care FunZone Playpen is a great help and lends tremendous support - when parents are looking to create a play area, or a temporary sleeping space, or a safe space to leave toddlers while getting chores done - and is a great playpen available in the market!

A lightweight, easy to set up play space, Baby Care FunZone Playpen is of high quality and designed to safe-guard and protect babies; at the same time with two gorgeous color options, the FunZone Playpen also is perfect for a colourful and fun play area for children. Designed with children’s safety as priority, Baby Care FunZone Playpen is spacious, comfortable, built strong and will fit a large-sized Baby Care FunZone play mat inside it.

  • Strong and tough, Baby Care FunZone is lightweight. 
  • Baby Care FunZone Playpen comes with dual locking – top and bottom locks - for maximum safety and secure locking.
  • Features strongly constructed thick and round panels for added stability.
  • Includes panel holder for safety.
  • The FunZone Playpen is U.S and E.U certified for safety and quality.
  • Baby Care Playpen has a ‘no tools required’ assembly and disassembly, is easy to store. 
  • FunZone is available in a large size and comes with 4 gorgeous color options: Sky Blue (White, Blue), Vivid (Yellow, Red, Blue), Melange Grey (Grey and White), Pink.
  • Baby Care FunZone Playpen measures 86.2" x 57.9" x 24.8" in size.