Anti-Fatigue Designer Wellness Mats

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An ideal combination of style and comfort, our Designer Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mats can make you forget the saying that all that's gold is not glitter-as these mats are exquisite as well as super comfortable. Our two chic patterns all look great and are very hard to choose from. Say goodbye to all your aches and pains from hours of standing and working in your kitchen or any other area as these anti-fatigue Wellness Mats have been specifically created to improve your health, promote circulation,improve your posture and reduce stress and fatigue.

  • Compared to other competitive products like gel mats and foam mats, the Wellness Mats will never lose their bounce or resiliency as they are made out of 100% polyurethane which is the gold standard for any anti-fatigue mat. Hence these mats will never laminate or curl up and will not lose their form so you will enjoy the same comfort on 2550th day that you did on the 1st day.
  • Bella Motif features a lyrical, subtle floral design that add a touch of class to your floor without forfeiting comfort or functionality. This Bella Design has been embossed into the kitchen mat permanently which will not trap debris.
  • Trellis Motif features a visually appealing lattice like design which has been inspired by antique wrought iron design.
  • Moire Motif with it’s interlocking pattern of soft grids complements any decor cabinetry, furniture, or accessory.
  • Entwined Pattern is an elaborate floral pattern inspired from French antiquity that make you reminisce of emblems of time
  • Linen Pattern offers a simple look with its natural textured pattern of natural woven linen. However it is not available in sizes 6' x 2'
  • Their unique one piece construction ensures that the mats will not delaminate, bubble up, tear or split up due to the break down of any bonding agent or glue which is used for joining two pieces.
  • WellnessMats Designer Kitchen Mats are also 100% recyclable and hence environmentally friendly product so that at the end of its life which will be more than 7 years they can used to make other viable and useful products. 

                      Bella Pattern in Tan                         Trellis Pattern in Gray                                                   

kitchen mats anti-fatigue trelliskitchen mats anti-fatigue trellis

                                          Entwine Pattern  in Black                                                         Linen Pattern in Burgundy

entwine anti-fatigue matsline anti-fatigue mats


  • Designer Anti-fatigue WellnessMats come with a comprehensive 7-Year Residential Warranty and termed "Best in Class" as they are unrivaled as far as comfort, health and safety are concerned.
  • No fear of tripping and slipping as the designer WellnessMats have a non-skid bottom and slip-resistant top surface. Their 20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edges are guaranteed never to roll up and prevent tripping.
  • Constructed out of 3/4" thick, 100% naturally antimicrobial polyurethane, these WellnessMats are safe and non-toxic as they are free from chemicals like PVC and BPA, therefore, they emit no noxious gases.Hence, no coating will wear off.
  • Will not stain or damage floors even when laid on hardwoods and marble.
  • Puncture resistant and heat resistant up to 400F
  • These anti-fatigue kitchen mats are very easy to clean with a household cleaner as they are stain and dirt resistant.
  • These WellnessMats can be ideally used anywhere that you stand - kitchen, vanity, laundry, garage, shop - even outside at the barbecue.
  • Furthermore they are exceptionally durable and proven in commercial environments.
  • Come in five exquisite colors, five beautiful patterns and two convenient sizes to accommodate any setting.

kitchen mats styles and colors


Product Specifications

Material  100% Polyurethane free from BPA, Chemicals, PVC, toxins, etc.  
Warranty 7 years
Sizes  3' x 2' , 6' x 2'
Thickness 3/4" thick
Colors Burgundy, Gray, Black, Brown and Tan
High Quality Will never curl up, delaminate, wear through or compress
Patterns Bella, Moire, Trellis, Linen* and Entwined Pattern. Linen Pattern is not available in size 6' x 2'.
Heat Resistance Up to 400F and Puncture Resistant

Is stain and dirt resistant, can be swept clean, vacuumed,mopped,

like any floor. Most spills can be cleaned with a towel or with mild soap and water 


Kitchen, Laundry, Garage, Vanity, Workshop, Commercial Environments,

and any Work space where  you have to stand for a long period of time