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Weldeez Matting is known to be the best welding anti-fatigue matting in the industry. Welding mats, an important safety addition to any work area where welding, metal cutting, brazing or grinding is performed, are designed for safety but also for worker comfort - to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Designed for harsh industrial environment, Weldeez matting is designed to repel sparks and resist damage from high temperature metal shards that are common in environments where welding occurs. Can withstand temperatures upto 1500 degree centigrade. Weldeez welding anti-fatigue mats offer additional foot traction to protect workers from slips and falls.

Material Specially Compounded Rubber
Face Style Solid Domed Top
Edging Integrated Bevelled Edge
Application Industrial - Heavy Duty Welding
Total Height 1/8" Roll, 1/2" Dome Top, 5/8" Interlocking 3' x 3' Tiles