Vinyl Back - Boy Bye - Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back - Boy Bye - Coir Doormat


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"Sorry, I aint sorry!" Paying our respect to Beyonce's latest and doing our best for all her fans is the 'Boy Bye' Coir Doormat. Now put on some music, sing aloud with Beyonce and simply enjoy... we got your doorway covered!

  • 'Boy Bye' Coir Doormat is sturdy and eco-friendly made sustainably from coir fibres.

  • Coir fibers are inserted into a vinyl backing that makes the 'Boy Bye' Coco Doormat shed lesser fiber comparatively.

  • Slip-resistant, the 'Boy Bye' Coco Doormat will not curl up because of sturdy vinyl backing.

  • Durable and weather-resistant, this doormat is perfect for outdoor use.

  • 'Boy Bye' Coir Doormats are resistant to rot, mildew and stains.

  • Scratchy nature of coir makes the doormat an ideal dirt scraper that cleans shoes and protects floors and carpets.

  • Sharp, clear writing on 'Boy Bye' is stencil printed using a biodegradable spray dye for an eco-friendly doormat.

  • Specially formulated color dye goes deep into the coir fibres for a long-lasting and fade resistant doormat.

  • Available in an 18" x 30" size and 5/8" thickness. 'Boy Bye' Coco Doormat is low profile and ideal for doorways with a low clearance.

  • Easy to clean - just give it a good shake or run down with a vacuum.


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