Stand Easy Premier Matting
Stand Easy Premier Matting

Stand Easy Premier Matting


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  • Superior grease resistance and heavy-duty anti-fatigue properties
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Open top which allows liquids to drain through or a solid top

Stand Easy Premier Matting is made from durable nitrile rubber that's resistant to salts, oils and water. It's designed with an open top which allows liquids to drain through or a solid top. This matting is ideal for industrial and commercial areas.

With its 100% Nitrile Rubber composition, the Stand Easy Premier matting offers superior grease resistance and resilient comfort. This is an ideal matting for industrial - medium to heavy applications looking for heavy duty anti-fatigue properties, added safety and resistance to oils and grease.

Stand Easy Premier with 100% Nitrile Rubber offers excellent general flexibility even at low temperature Is resistant to mild organic and inorganic acids salts and alkali chemicals; Animal and vegetable based oils, fats waxes mineral oils and products therein amines esters, polyols, ketones and aldehydes.

Material 100% Nitrile Rubber
Face Style Solid/Open Top
Edging Optional Ramp
Application Medium to Heavy Duty Industrial Environments
Sizes Available 3' x 3' per Modular Tile
Total Height 16mm (5/8")
Total Weight 15lb - 20lb Per Tile
Oil and Grease Resistant Matting
Heavy-Duty Nitrile Rubber

Crafted with 100% Nitrile Rubber, this matting offers unbeatable resistance to oils, greases, and water, ensuring a safe and productive workspace.

Its open-top design allows easy drainage, keeping surfaces dry and reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Our Stand Easy Premier Matting excels in providing anti-fatigue properties, offering unparalleled comfort for workers who stand for extended periods.

Stay comfortable and safe in wet environments with our Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mats.

Designed to provide excellent drainage and slip resistance, these mats are perfect for use in kitchens, food processing areas, and other wet workspaces.

Tough and Heavy Duty Performance
Harsh Environment Solution

Built to withstand the toughest industrial and commercial settings. Resistant to chemicals, oils, and grease, it ensures a safe and secure work surface for employees.

Trust in our Heavy-Duty Nitrile Rubber Matting to provide resilient comfort and superior performance in the harshest of work environments.

✅ Industrial manufacturing plants
✅ Automotive and machinery workshops
✅ Food processing and preparation areas
✅ Commercial kitchens
✅ Warehouses and distribution centers

Reliable Protection Against Moisture and Fatigue

Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mats

With an ergonomic design, these mats offer unmatched comfort and support to keep your employees productive and safe.

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