Stand Easy Premier Matting
Stand Easy Premier Matting

Stand Easy Premier Matting


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Stand Easy Premier Matting is made from durable nitrile rubber that's resistant to salts, oils and water. It's designed with an open top which allows liquids to drain through or a solid top. This matting is ideal for industrial and commercial areas.

With its 100% Nitrile Rubber composition, the Stand Easy Premier matting offers superior grease resistance and resilient comfort. This is an ideal matting for industrial - medium to heavy applications looking for heavy duty anti-fatigue properties, added safety and resistance to oils and grease.

Stand Easy Premier with 100% Nitrile Rubber offers excellent general flexibility even at low temperature Is resistant to mild organic and inorganic acids salts and alkali chemicals; Animal and vegetable based oils, fats waxes mineral oils and products therein amines esters, polyols, ketones and aldehydes.

Material 100% Nitrile Rubber
Face Style Solid/Open Top
Edging Optional Ramp
Application Medium to Heavy Duty Industrial Environments
Sizes Available 3' x 3' per Modular Tile
Total Height 16mm (5/8")
Total Weight 15lb - 20lb Per Tile

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