Sports Puzzle Mats

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  • Durable High-Density EVA Foam: Offers robust support and reduces the risk of injury during activities.
  • Resilient Tough Vinyl Surface: Double-sided tiles withstand heavy use, making them suitable for activities with shoes.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for martial arts, boxing, kids' facilities, and Pilates, providing a multipurpose flooring solution.
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats
Sports Puzzle Mats

Puzzle Mats are made of a high-density EVA foam with a tough vinyl surface that provides users with durability and support while reducing the risk of injury. These double-sided interlocking tiles have a tough surface that can withstand heavy activity and use with shoes. Use for a wide range of applications including, martial arts activities, boxing gyms, kids' facilities, and Pilates.

Intended Use

  • 40mm: Recommended for ground fighting
  • 25mm: Recommended for standing fighting
  • 20mm: Recommended for standing fighting with shoes


    1m x 1m x 20mm

    1m x 1m x 25mm

    1m x 1m x 40mm


    6 lb

    9 lb

    12 lb


    • Made out of durable EVA high-density foam, these martial art mats gives sure-footed support for stepping and kicking drills
    • Puzzle Mats have been constructed with a tough vinyl top with a patterned surface.
    • These puzzle mats are excellent at absorbing shock during falling and jumping drills
    • Featuring an anti-slip surface, the Puzzle mats elevate the safety of martial art students
    • Puzzle Mats are compatible with bare feet and soft martial arts shoes 
      Note: These mats are not designed to use for street shoes, tennis shoes or boots as they will scruff the top surface
    • Easy and quick to assemble. The mats come in individual pieces with the edges cut off like puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces can then be fit together with one another to cover the entire training space
    • As these are customizable based on joining together individual pieces, the Sparring Mat flooring can be expanded as needed.
    • Truly Reversible as they are double-sided and double coloured
    • Water-proof and easy to maintain

    The interlock design and surface pattern of the latest Sports Puzzle Mats have been updated as of December 2023.

    Please note that mats ordered before December 2023 may not be compatible with the new model.

    Older model mats can still be ordered via custom orders. Email us at for more information.



    Pinnacle Choice for Mixed Martial Arts Flooring

    Choose from Three Different Thickness Options

    1 inch

    Suitable for standing sports with footwear, featuring a stylish crosshatch top pattern.

    1 ¼ inches

    Experience the Tatami Advantage, tailored for bare feet in standing sports and martial arts.

    1 ¾ inches

    Practice ground-fighting techniques with Tatami-textured excellence for bare feet comfort.

    Dominate with Confidence
    unparalleled grip

    Our MMA Mats offer unparalleled grip and support, making them the ideal Grappling Mats for intensive training sessions. Whether it's Judo, BJJ, or mixed martial arts, experience the ultimate in Dojo Studio Flooring innovation.

    Perfect Your Technique

    The Canada Mats Sports Puzzle Mat is not just flooring; it is engineered for champions. Crafted for Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, Judo, and more, it's the go-to choice for Dojo Mats and Gym Flooring.


    Crafted from EVA high-density foam, ensuring reliable support for stepping and kicking drills.

    Shock Absorption

    Puzzle Mats feature a tough vinyl top with a patterned surface, effectively absorbing shock during falling and jumping drills.

    Anti-Slip Surface

    Enhances safety for martial arts students with an anti-slip design, compatible with bare feet and soft martial arts shoes.

    support and durability
    unrivaled performance

    It's a high-performance marvel. Our mats boast an impressive 110 kg/cbm foam density, ensuring unparalleled support and durability.

    Whether you're engaged in intense Mixed Martial Arts or refining your Jiu Jitsu technique, our mats provide the perfect foundation for your journey to excellence


    • Footwear Compatibility: Not suitable for street shoes, tennis shoes, or boots to prevent damage to the top surface.
    • Easy Assembly: Quick and easy to assemble, the mats come in individual pieces with puzzle-like edges for seamless integration.
    • Customizable Flooring: The Sparring Mats are customizable based on joining individual pieces, allowing for easy expansion of the training space.
    • Reversible Design: Truly reversible with double-sided and double-colored features for added versatility.
    • Waterproof and Low Maintenance: Water-proof design ensures durability and easy maintenance for a long-lasting training solution.

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