Poly-Pin Carpet Mats


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  • Add a high-fashion look of fine carpeting in a hi-lo rib pattern
  • Versatile, suitable for a wide range of commercial spaces
  • Made from high-quality polypropylene, made for the demands of high-traffic areas
Poly-Pin Carpet Mats

Create a clean and professional looking workplace. Make a positive first impression with your guests by conveying that ideals of cleanliness, conscientiousness, and professionalism as your top priorities. The Poly Pin Mat with a high-fashion look of fine carpeting in a hi-lo rib pattern provides outstanding durability even in the toughest indoor or outdoor installations. Scrapes away dirt and grit off shoes and removes moisture at the same time. This carpet style entrance mat is your effective solution for containing dirt, keeping a safe workplace and in creating a beautiful office decor in the process.

Material Polypropylene
Backing Vinyl
Application Commercial Entrances
Sizes Available Stock Sizes Available
Custom Sizes Available
Roll Length 60
Lenear Feet 3,4,6



App. Wt.

2´ x 3´

4.7 lbs.

3´ x 4´

9.4 lbs.

3´ x 5´

11.7 lbs.

3´ x 6´

14.0 lbs.

3´ x 10´

23.4 lbs.

3´ x 20´

46.8 lbs.

4´ x 6´

18.7 lbs.

4´ x 8´

25.0 lbs.

4´ x 20´

62.4 lbs.



App. Wt.

3´ x 60´

2.3 lbs. lin. ft.

4´ x 60´

3.0 lbs. lin. ft.

6´ x 60´

4.5 lbs. lin. ft.

Toughness meets style
Quality Polypropylene Fiber

Designed for the modern workplace, our Poly-Pin Carpet Mats blend high-end aesthetics with practical functionality, creating an inviting and clean atmosphere that impresses at first sight.

Engineered with resilient polypropylene fibers, these mats provide outstanding durability, successfully tackling dirt, moisture, and the demands of high-traffic areas.

Diverse Applications, One Solution
Adaptability in every space

Whether it's a bustling retail store or a high-traffic office lobby, our Poly-Pin Carpet Mats provide the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Designed with diverse applications in mind, these mats are a single solution to maintaining cleanliness and aesthetics in commercial entrances across a variety of sectors.

✅ Office Lobbies and Reception Areas
✅ Hotels and Hospitality Centers
✅ Retail Stores and Shopping Malls
✅ Restaurants and Cafeterias
✅ Museums and Galleries

Made to Impress

Entrance Mats

Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with our flagship entrance mats. These mats are made with top-grade materials that not only create an aesthetically pleasing entrance but also excel in keeping areas clean.


Sourced and designed to last in Canada, these mats stand up to the heaviest of usage.

Entrances such as the Vancouver Waterfront Station that sees millions of people walk through their doors each day, have now used Canada Mats to protect their floor for many years.

Entrances graced and elevated by canada mats

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