Oh Merde Encore Toi Vinyl Coir Doormat

Oh Merde Encore Toi Vinyl Coir Doormat


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This how the French get rude with people who drop in unannounced, or people who are not welcome or people who do not know how to pronounce Dom Perignon. And we're saying you too can be rude in a completely new language with those unwanted neighbours and serial offenders who drop in without calling first. No need to grin and bear, mon Cherie. Put the Oh Merde Encore Toi Vinyl Coir Doormat, and then you can take your time explaining--in plain English--what the mat means.

The eco-friendly and natural alternative to your doormat, these mats provide a rich aesthetic to any building or home.

Coco entrance mats are made by embedding natural coconut husk fibre into a vinyl backing. These fibres are a bi-product of the coconut harvesting industry, making the production of these mats highly sustainable, and the mats themselves a perfect complement to your environmentally conscious building or home.

Coir fibre mats are proven scrapers that are highly effective at brushing away dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes to ensure a clean and safe floor inside. This coco fibre is also one of the most absorbent natural fibres available, making it highly effective at keeping the moisture off your floors.

Material Coir
Backing Vinyl
Base Color NA
Print/Accent Color Black
Thickness 3/4"
Size 18" x 30"

Coir mats are easy to maintain. Simply brush, beat with a broom, or vacuum to get dirt, dust and chunks of mud out of the fibers.\
Coir is a natural fiber and can get damaged by water so do not wash the mat.

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