Golden Harvest by Evelyn Fichmann

Golden Harvest by Evelyn Fichmann


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Have your guest day dreaming about the beauties of our oceans with this nature-inspired coco doormat. Come on in, let's discover the secrets from under the water!


'Golden Harvest' Coir Doormat is sturdy, eco-friendly and made sustainably from coir fibres. These coir fibers are inserted into a vinyl backing for a coco doormat shed lesser fiber comparatively. Due to its vinyl backing, the 'Golden Harvest' Coco Doormat will not curl up, is slip-resistant with minimal mat movement.


This design has a sharp, clear writing on 'Golden Harvest' is stencil printed using a biodegradable spray dye for an eco-friendly doormat. Specially formulated color dye goes deep into the coir fibres for a long-lasting and fade resistant doormat.

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