Jumbo Reversible Soft Floors Foam Puzzle Mats


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These Puzzle Mats are made using high-density foam, creating a stable, yet comfortable surface that protects users from injury. These durable double-sided mats are designed to withstand heavy activity, making them a perfect option for martial arts flooring.

Made with EVA Foam, these Jumbo reversible soft floor foam puzzle mats make for the ideal mat for impact sports and recreation such as Martial Arts, Boxing, Tumbling, Playgrounds, Water Parks, Schools, etc. There is no restriction on what activities these durable and multi-purpose mats can be used for - use these reversible soft floor mats at any workout area that requires padded flooring for additional protection and soft landing.

Please Note: These tiles are only available in 25 tile packs for the 2' x 2' sizes and 10 tile packs for the 1m x 1m and 4' x 4' . For smaller quantities, please contact us at sales@canadamats.ca or (800) 624-0041

Material EVA Foam
Construction Reversible
Face Style textured
Edging Interlocking
Application Gyms, Studios and Playgrounds
Total Height 23mm (0.9") - 28mm (1.1")
Total Weight 1.88lb - 9lb

  • 2' x 2'x 7/8" - (Exact dimensions are 26" x 26" x 0.92", each piece weighs 1.88 lbs)
  • 2' x 2'x 1" - (Exact dimensions are 26" x 26" x 1.04", each piece weighs 2.32 lbs)
  • 1m x 1m x 20mm - (Exact dimensions are 42" x 41" x 0.90", each piece weighs 5.40 lbs)
  • 4' x 4'x 1" - (Exact dimensions are 51" x 50" x 1.10", each piece weighs 9 lbs)
  • Each square is an Inside Piece with two detachable Corner/Border Edges


    • Martial Arts
    • Boxing
    • Tumbling
    • Playgrounds
    • Water Parks
    • Schools

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