Horse Van Mats

Horse Van Mats


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 Horse Van ramps offer little in the way of "familiarity" to horses and less in the way of traction. They present perhaps one of the most vulnerable situations in which a horse may find itself on any given day. Horse Van Ramp Coco Mats are ideally suited for covering Horse Van Ramps because they provide sure footing for horses under the most hazardous of conditions.

Our Van Ramp mats mimic the feel of turf and provide a 1.5” padding for the horse to step out more comfortably. The coarse surface of the coco mats is also a highly welcome ground for the horse compared to the slick cod surface of your van ramp.

3'x5': 16lbs

3'x6': 20lbs

3'x8': 27lbs

3'x10': 33lbs

4'x 6': 29lbs

4' x 10': 51lbs

Thickness: 1.5"


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Introducing our folding gym mat, the perfect fitness companion for workouts at home or on the go. With its durable construction and versatile design, this gym mat is the ideal accessory for various physical exercises and sports activities. It's the ideal all-purpose economic option.

Skill Level: Beginner Athletes

Starting at $4.99/sq ft.

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