Horse Van Mats
Horse Van Mats
Horse Van Mats
Horse Van Mats
Horse Van Mats
Horse Van Mats
Horse Van Mats

Horse Van Mats


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  • Offer secure footing and a 1.5” padding for horses to step out safely
  • Replicate the feel of turf for more familiar and comfortable surface
  • These mats excel in stable footing, crucial in potentially vulnerable situations

Horse Van ramps offer little in the way of "familiarity" to horses and less in the way of traction. They present perhaps one of the most vulnerable situations in which a horse may find itself on any given day. Horse Van Ramp Coco Mats are ideally suited for covering Horse Van Ramps because they provide sure footing for horses under the most hazardous of conditions.

Our Van Ramp mats mimic the feel of turf and provide a 1.5” padding for the horse to step out more comfortably. The coarse surface of the coco mats is also a highly welcome ground for the horse compared to the slick cod surface of your van ramp.

3'x5': 16lbs

3'x6': 20lbs

3'x8': 27lbs

3'x10': 33lbs

4'x 6': 29lbs

4' x 10': 51lbs

Thickness: 1.5"

Premium Stable Solutions

Combining safety, style, and sturdiness

Heavy-duty mats designed for the daily hustle of stables and barns

Animal care requires more than just attention to diet and training; it's also about ensuring the environment is safe and comfortable. Our Horsestall Mats are meticulously crafted to withstand the constant wear and tear of busy stables, providing a durable and non-slip surface.

A Natural, Nonslip Mat Solution
High Quality Coco Fibre

Experience safety with our Horse Van Mats, expertly crafted from the finest natural coco fibre.

Designed for the discerning equestrian, these mats offer a robust nonslip surface, providing horses with the confidence to step onto van ramps without hesitation.

With a generous 1.5-inch padding, our mats promise comfort and protect against the unforgiving hardness of metal ramps.

Secure Loading and Unloading
Horse-Friendly Mats

These coco mats are not only durable but also offer a gentle 1.5-inch cushioning, protecting joints and ensuring a more comfortable transition from stable to transport.

Designed for the discerning equestrian, our mats merge natural materials with practical design, making them an indispensable accessory for horse transportation.

✅ Equine Transportation Safety
✅ Horse Van Ramp Coverage
✅ Stable and Barn Aisle Way Lining
✅ Horsebox Flooring
✅ Livestock Transport

Reliable Equestrian Support
Trusted Traction and Footing

The robust texture of the coco mats grants superior grip, mitigating the risks associated with loading and unloading on slick surfaces.

Designed to mimic natural turf, these mats comfort your horse with familiar footing, reducing stress and potential injury


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