Heronair Slip-resistant Drainage Matting
Heronair Slip-resistant Drainage Matting
Heronair Slip-resistant Drainage Matting
Heronair Slip-resistant Drainage Matting

Heronair Slip-resistant Drainage Matting


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Certified slip resistant with excellent drainage, Heronair is designed for workplaces, light industrial environments and walkways where there's a risk of water underfoot. The anti-fatigue benefits and cushioning also makes this PVC floor mat perfect for workplaces where standing employees need support underfoot.

Made from non-porous PVC with an etched pattern, Heronair is impermeable to fluids and provides excellent drainage. The hollow construction makes it light to lift and easy to move, so installation is quick and cleaning is simple.

OFFICIAL connector
Connect Your Heron Rib Together

Connect multiple Heron Rib Drainage Mats Together To Cover a Wider Space

slip resistance and effective drainage

These mats increase the safety of wet areas by offering excellent slip resistance and heavy drainage of liquids. Accomodate even the largest amounts of liquid while ensuring safety in wet areas.

anti-microbial and hygienic

The anti-microbial properties of these PVC mats prevents the growth of any mold or mildew in in wet environments, increasing the overall hygiene of the facility.

Anti-fatigue properties

These mats feature anti-fatigue properties and increased comfort underfoot. Boost the morale and health of your patrons and staff with the benefits of anti-fatigue matting.


Designed to deliver exceptional performance in wet area applications.


The Heron Rib Drainage Mat increases safety in wet areas by providing proper slip resistance and draining large amounts of water. Combined with the soft surface layer, the Heron rib is perfect for bare feet applications. This makes this drainage mat ideal for pools, locker rooms, and showers.

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Vynagrip drainage safety mats are a great way to create a slip resistant floor in any industrial or commercial application. Built from top quality material, the Vynagrip offers a very high slip resistant rating (DIN 51130 - R11) along with a top liquid drainage rating, which meet the highest international standards.

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