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Growfloor is a premium, durable, reusable gardening floor that increases lighting efficiency 400% more than traditional flooring methods. Growfloor’s hyper-reflective color supports the entire light spectrum and is perfectly suited for any lighting setup. Growfloor consists of a solid white polyvinyl material, with a ceramic texture, and high-gloss topcoat specifically engineered to reflect light throughout your growing space. Growfloor’s 0.050” thick construction provides an insulating barrier not found in Mylar films, epoxy coatings, or paint, protecting your floors from deteriorating water and heat found in most greenhouse environments.

Growfloor™ is perfect for individuals or large greenhouses using indoor hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic, or traditional growing technologies. Our flooring even exceeds maritime flooring standards, proving Growfloor is not only durable, but suited for any condition.

• Anti-Fatigue Qualities

• Eco-Friendly Appeal

• Easily Tailored

• Easy to Clean

• Reduces Noise

• Anti-Glare Properties

• Moisture Barrier

• Solid Construction

• Inhibits Mold Growth

• 100% Solid White Polyvinyl Construction

• 0.050” Thickness (50 mil)

• Ceramic Texture

• Resilient High-Gloss Top coat


5'x10' - 21 lbs

8'6" x 22 - 75 lbs

10' x 61' - 225 lbs