EverLife Chairmat Hardwood
EverLife Chairmat Hardwood

EverLife Chairmat Hardwood


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  • Helps to combat fatigue and keep energy levels high throughout the day
  • Provides cushioned support while allowing for dynamic movements
  • Offers flexibility and adaptability to suit diverse needs
Introducing our innovative EverLife Chairmat Hardwood floor mats—designed to stay put and offer unparalleled stability in any setting. Crafted with precision and engineered for durability, these mats ensure a secure grip, keeping them firmly in place on any surface while allowing you to have mobility you need.
Say goodbye to slipping and sliding with our reliable mats that provide unbeatable traction and stability. Experience the difference of our premium quality mats—your floors will thank you!

Material Vinyl
Color Clear
Usage Intensity Heavy use
Surface Recommendation Hard Floor or Carpet
Environment Indoor, Office Areas
Corner Style Pleated

  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions to UL 2818
  • Mats available for carpets or hard floors
  • Phthalate FREE & Cadmium FREE


 Size & Shape Application Edge
36''X 48'' Lip (20'' X 10'')
Hardwood Straight
36''X 48''
Hardwood Straight
45''X 53''
Hardwood Straight
46''X 60'' Lip (25'' X 12'') Hardwood Straight
46''X 60''
48''X 72''
Hardwood Straight
60''X 60'' Hardwood Straight
60''X 72''
Hardwood Straight
60''X 96'' Hardwood Straight
Custom Length X 48'' Hardwood Straight
Custom Length X 60'' Hardwood Straight



    Safeguard Your Hardwood
    Durable Vinyl Material

    Preserve the pristine condition of your hardwood floors with our EverLife Chairmats, crafted from durable vinyl.

    The unique AnchorPro® cleat system ensures the mat stays firmly in place, preventing buckling and shifting during use.

    With beveled or crystal edges for smooth transitions, these chair mats combine functionality with style, making them a smart addition to any workspace.

    Unlock effortless mobility and protect your floors with our premium chair mats

    – the perfect blend of durability and style for any workspace.

    Added Movement on Work Spaces
    Mobility-Driven Mat

    Engineered for dynamic environments, these mats enhance flexibility and encourage active engagement, promoting better posture and productivity.

    While these mats protect against caster wear, spills, and damage, extending the life of your flooring, it also brings a new level of dynamism to your daily routine.

    ✅ Home office setups
    ✅ Corporate office spaces
    ✅ Conference rooms
    ✅ Reception areas
    ✅ Study rooms

    See our mats Transforming These Floors and Workspaces

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