ESD Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit
ESD Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit
ESD Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit
ESD Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit

ESD Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit


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  • Combined sustainability with advanced ESD protection
  • Superior to mere surface solutions; thorough protection against static
  • Hassle-free installation and adaptability for evolving workspaces

Our ESD tile delivers all of the ergonomic benefits of our standard anti-fatigue product while providing industry leading ESD performance. Through our proprietary manufacturing process, Safe Flex ESD tiles retain the required ESD performance through the full volume of the tile as compared to other mats that only offer “surface resistivity”. Aluminum or Copper Tape can be used as the grounding agent when installed over a non-grounded floor. The advanced Versatile Interlock System allows for ease and efficiency during installation and future modifications. Manufactured with Recycled PVC for waste reduction.

The only mats available that has anti-static material throughout the entire mat not just on the surface

Following strict quality control of our manufacturing process each tile delivers consistent ESD performance:

Surface Resistivity: 3×10^8 Ohm

Volume Resistivity: 3×10^8 Ohm

Test Procedure: ANSI/ESD S7.1



      Shore Hardness “A” 85 (+/- 5)


      Zone 2 (62″x44″x1″), Zone 3 (98″x44″x1″)


      5.5 lbs


      Recycled PVC and ESD Additive


      10 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects

      Tear Strength

      156 – 367 lbs/in

      Tensile Strength

      1170 – 1620 psi

      Sustainable Static Protection
      Recycled PVC with ESD Additive Material

      Our ESD Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit brings the best of both worlds: strong static protection and eco-friendly design. Made with recycled PVC, this mat not only fights off static but also supports a greener planet.

      Great for any workspace that values both safety and sustainability. Protect your equipment and stand easy, knowing you've made an eco-smart choice.

      Stay grounded and protect your electronics with our reliable Anti-Static Mats.

      Designed to dissipate static electricity, our mats create a safe and secure environment in industrial and hazardous work environments.

      Fit for High Precision Areas
      Static Dissipative Comfort

      Our ESD Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit is tailor-made for a variety of professional environments. Designed for high-tech environments, this kit ensures a safe, static-free workspace while providing the ergonomic support needed for long hours on your feet. Its innovative design combines ESD safety features with a cushioned surface, reducing fatigue and boosting productivity.

      Dive into the realm where tired feet find solace and sensitive equipment remains safeguarded. A versatile solution for spaces that demand both comfort and technical precision like the following:

      ✅ Electronics manufacturing facilities
      ✅ Computer server rooms
      ✅ Laboratory and research facilities
      ✅ Assembly lines for sensitive electronics
      ✅ Semiconductor fabrication plants

      Creating A Static-Free Workplace

      Anti-Static Mats

      With a durable design, keep your employees and equipment secure with our effective Anti-Static Mats, engineered to create a static-free workspace.

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