Comfort Flow Mat
Comfort Flow Mat
Comfort Flow Mat

Comfort Flow Mat


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  • With its certified slip-resistant surface and drainage holes for enhanced safety
  • Made with high-density Nitrile rubber and 10% recycled content
  • Ergonomic design ensures comfort reducing fatigue and boosting productivity
Comfort Flow mats with its anti-fatigue properties is perfect to improve your employee's morale and productivity as these mats are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable. The Comfort flow mats are ideal to be used in kitchens, behind bars and wet industrial applications. 

Comfort Flow Mat is made of high density closed cell Nitrile cushion (with 15% recycled content) which ensures higher resistance to grease and oil proof and chemical resistant thus providing greater performance in wet or dry conditions.

Comfort Flow mat is welding safe, has static dissipative weight and flexible making is easy to handle and to clean even though it is heavy duty. The surface structure comes with drainage holes which will allows the debris and water to flow through. Comfort Flow has a raised pattern that reduces accidents caused by slip and fall. They are Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Material Nitrile Rubber (10% recycled content) 
Construction High Density Closed Cell Foam
Sizes Available 2' x 3', 3' x 5', 4' x 6', 3' x 9'
Total Height 3/8''

Ergonomic and Slip Resistant
Made with Nitrile Rubber

Discover the ultimate in comfort and safety with our Comfort Flow Mat, made with high-quality Nitrile Rubber.

This ergonomic mat is engineered to alleviate fatigue, boosting employee well-being and productivity.

Its slip-resistant surface, featuring a raised pattern and drainage holes, ensures secure footing even in wet environments.

Stay comfortable and safe in wet environments with our Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mats.

Designed to provide excellent drainage and slip resistance, these mats are perfect for use in kitchens, food processing areas, and other wet workspaces.

Great Performance in Wet Areas
Comfort and Safety Across Industries

Upgrade workplace comfort and safety with our versatile Comfort Flow Mat.

Its ergonomic design ensures superior comfort, making it an ideal choice for various industries.

✅ Food Processing Areas
✅ Commercial Restaurants
✅ Beverage Dispensing Areas
✅ Assembly Lines
✅ Production Facilities

Reliable Protection Against Moisture and Fatigue

Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mats

With an ergonomic design, these mats offer unmatched comfort and support to keep your employees productive and safe.

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