CM Viper 8100 Heavy Traffic Unbacked Loop Matting


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The Everscrape 8100 loop mats are made from thick extruded vinyl loops that are bonded together on a PVC backing to provide excellent functionality. The mats scrape away dirt and debris while also trapping water and snow under the loops to provide protection for your building floors.

The vinyl backing on these mats keep them in place, while also keeping the floor underneath dry and safe.

Designed to mold to the groves of shoes and clean a great amount of dirt and water in a relatively small number of steps.

The everscrape mats are great for bare foot applications as they are easy on the feet and provide some fatigue relief due to their soft top layers.

These loop mats can be easily cleaned by shaking out, vacuuming or hosing down.

Material PVC Vinyl
Construction Loop
Face Style Vinyl Loop
Backing PVC Vinyl
Edging RFQ Pressed or Heavy Duty Vinyl
Thickness (mm) 15.5
Diameter (mm) 0.95
Weight (kg/m2) 4.93


  •  Ideal for wet indoor and outdoor entrance areas with light to moderate traffic
  •  Pools
  •  Boats
  •  Drinking Fountains

This durable looped matting is constructed with a PVC vinyl backing which allows us to cut the mats to the exact size that you need. Custom sized mats can be ordered online in linear feet as shown above. Or you can contact us at with your requirements.




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