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  • Protect turf and create roadways over uneven terrain
  • 1 double and 2 single connectors included with each mat
  • Ships from Canada
  • Hassle-free setup; no tools required
  • Ideal for grass, turf, and uneven terrains
  • Designed for quick moisture drainage

The newest addition to tent and event flooring systems brings the most cutting edge technology to portable events surfaces. ClickDeck 2.0 is engineered to provide a durable temporary floor that helps protect your natural grass or synthetic turf. Rest assured that while you are creating the ultimate event venue in your stadium or grassy area, you’ll temporarily preserve your grass or prevent damage to your turf.

If you are looking to expand the use of your facility and want to protect your expensive synthetic turf, ClickDeck 2.0 is the best solution. Cut assembly and disassembly time, save labor costs, and ensure an excellent ROI all while keeping your turf or natural grass protected and healthy.

Thanks to our patented Socket Lock-It™ locking system, ClickDeck is fast and easy to deploy and remove, no tools or training required. Grass, turf, dirt or gravel—the Socket Lock-It remains locked in, even over uneven terrain. ClickDeck’s slip resistant surface with ventilation ensures easy and fast moisture drainage—rain or shine, your event will go on!

  • Durable & Adaptive: Engineered for swift deployment across grass, turf, gravel, and uneven terrains, ensuring a sturdy temporary flooring solution.
  • Slip-Resistant Surface: Features a diamond plate tread pattern, ensuring optimal grip and safety in all weather conditions.
  • Intelligent Ventilation: Our unique AirHole design allows heat dissipation, safeguarding your turf while preventing heel snags or debris accumulation.
  • Preserves Turf Health: Crafted from a special blend that diffuses light, ensuring your grass retains its natural green hue. Available exclusively in white.
  • Efficient Storage & Transport: Opt for pin-locks to secure larger sections for rapid deployment. Modules are lightweight, versatile in size, and easy to transport.
  • Cost-Effective: Designed for low maintenance, quick installation, and guaranteed positive ROI, saving you both time and money.
  • Robust Locking Mechanism: Our positive locking system ensures effortless assembly and disassembly, staying locked securely for the event's entirety.
  • Proudly USA Made: ClickDeck is crafted with precision in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Assured Quality: Backed by a comprehensive 15-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Protection for Natural Grass
  • Trade Show Flooring
  • Stadium Flooring
  • Tent and Event Flooring
  • Temporary Walkways
  • Portable Commercial Flooring
Fast, Secure, Efficient Deck
From Stadiums to Grassy Lands

ClickDeck is an event flooring solution, tailored for everything from grand stadiums to serene grassy landscapes.

Harness the prowess of high-impact copolymer, ensuring longevity even with frequent usage. Whether you're setting up on grass, turf, or gravel, ClickDeck remains firmly in place, even on uneven terrain.

✅ Stadium Events
✅ Trade Shows & Exhibitions
✅ Festivals
✅ Corporate Events
✅ Parking Lots


Trusted Portable Surfaces
Power of Socket Lock-It™

Experience the convenience with ClickDeck's Power of Socket Lock-It™.

Our patented locking system ensures a swift, secure setup and eliminating the need for tools.


The mats have unique patterns that provide excellent traction, making it easy for machinery to move on any surface


These mats are designed to accommodate the weight of machinery as heavy as cranes and excavators


The mats' impressive durability and resistance to moisture ensure they last a long time


The mats are immune to mold, frost, and do not absorb water, maintaining their quality in various weather conditions


Designed to be easily carried and transported


Compared over time, ClickDeck mats provide significant and much safer sites

See our ground protection mats Transforming These SITES


Ground Protection Mats help spread out the weight of wheels and equipment. This stops them from sinking into the ground and damaging the grass. One big problem for grass is when the soil gets packed down too tightly. Viper Deck Protection mats help avoid this problem because they cover a wide area.

Ground Protection Mats are tested to handle pressure up to 210 psi, which means they can safely carry heavy weights of up to 80 tons. They work well on grassy fields, sandy areas, and mixed stone surfaces for different uses.

Yes, you can use our ground Protection Mats on the ground, for protection and stability for all kinds of vehicles and loads. This includes big trucks, forklifts, backhoes, pickup trucks, and other heavy machines.

Questions, Inquiries, & Custom Quotes

For any questions, inquiries, or to get a quote on our Ground Protection Mats for your project, feel free to contact us below.

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