Bulk Revulcanized Rubber Horse Stall Mats


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Revulcanized Rubber Horse Stall Mats are designed to provide a supportive and cushioned texture in horse stalls, cow stalls, and more. This product includes 10 durable and waterproof mats that require little maintenance and are rated for industrial farming applications.

**10 Mats of 4' x 6' include in the price for Straight Edge**

**25 Mats of 4' x 6' include in the price for Interlocking**

Bulk Revulcanized Rubber Horse Stall Mats are built to last and offer a perfect combination of ruggedness and comfort for your livestock. This Revulcanized Rubber Horse Stall Mats are available in the 4' x 6' size and its thickness is 3/4". This product is manufactured for Horse and Cow Stalls but can be used in various other applications.



Our mats are very easy to keep clean. In most cases sweeping or vacuuming is all that is required to keep the mats clean. A “beater brush” vacuum works the best. More stubborn dirt is best removed with warm water and a mild cleaner.

A mild solution of Dawn dishwashing liquid and water works very well.

IMPORTANT: Recommended for all rubber mats, but especially for HM-H and GFM-H series mats… DO NOT use a cotton fiber mop for these mats - the rubber will pull the mop apart and leave bits of cotton all over the mats. Use a nylon mop. To avoid getting water under the mats, use a damp mop only to clean. When the mats are new, the mats may have a rubber smell to them (the Model GFM-H mats have an additive to make this much more mild and pleasant and the smell goes away much quicker). It is best to ventilate the room as much as possible to help remove the smell.

Cleaning the mats – top bottom and sides, after cutting and before installation goes a long way towards reducing this odor as well. A very mild solution of Pinesol can help in this aspect as well. Let the mats dry then install. Whatever cleaner is used, it is important that the cleaner residue is mopped up thoroughly. Cleaners containing a wax agent are not recommended as the wax can cause a buildup. If you have hard water, salt/mineral deposits can be left on the rubber when the water dries leaving the mats with a whitish-gray look or white spots. If you have this problem CLR (Calcium-Lime-Rust) will work well to clear this up.

CAUTION: Oil, grease and solvents should not be left on the mats for extended periods of time. Wipe the mats off as soon as possible and clean any residue with soap and water . Do not use petroleum based cleaners on the mats, as these can cause deterioration

  • 4' x 6' x 3/4" Revulcanized Rubber Horse Stall Mat
  • Color: Black

Price includes:

**10 Mats of 4' x 6' include in the price for Straight Edge**

**25 Mats of 4' x 6' include in the price for Interlocking**

- Bidirectional ellipse surface pattern
- Precision computer cut after cooling for the best fit on site
- 103 lb. / mat and 2650 lb. / skid

  • Easy to install
  • High traction rubber
  • Doesn't hold bacteria
  • Waterproof material
  • Made with recycled rubber
  • Revulcanized rubber will not curl or separate

comfort, safety, hygiene

Designed specially for agricultural, commercial and sporting uses

Re-Vulcanized Rubber

useful in various areas


Our eco-friendly mats are made from 100% recycled rubber and are manufactured with an environmentally safe polymer bonding agent on a continuous press.