Boardwalk Modular Pathway tiles


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Boardwalk Modular Pathway tiles
Boardwalk Modular Pathway tiles
Boardwalk Modular Pathway tiles
Boardwalk Modular Pathway tiles
Boardwalk Modular Pathway tiles
Boardwalk Modular Pathway tiles

Boardwalk Modular Pathway Tiles are constructed out of extremely strong and flexible vinyl material, offering water and soil control by easily trapping dirt at the door. These tiles are perfect for use in indoor and outdoor areas with heavy traffic.

Boardwalk Modular Pathway Tiles are proven to be excellent scrapers which effectively remove dirt and debris from shoes, ensuring that inside floors are kept clean and safe. The overall design of these tiles provide the utmost protection as the open grid pattern enables these tiles to allow dirt and moisture to fall below traffic level until it can be removed. 

With the ease of installation and customization of these tiles makes the high performance Debris Trap Tile for Recessed Well product your perfect choice for recessed well applications. While the flexibility of the (PVC) vinyl allows these tiles to be easily clipped together during the installation process, covering any indoor or outdoor area. Not only are they flexible but they offer extremely strong support as the tile naturally contains water below traffic, creating a safe entrance way or pathway. They have been designed with safety and durability in mind and have been proven to be the best option for outdoor application as it can endure all weathers.

Material 100% PVC Vinyl
Construction Open Grid
Edging Optional PVC Edging
Application Indoor/Outdoor Area with Heavy Traffic
Total Height 14mm (1/2")
Total Weight 2.65 lb/ft²



  •  Ideal for heavy traffic entrance ways and pathways
  •  Commercial buildings
  •  Residential buildings
  •  Recessed Wells
  •  Surface mounted





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