heated tile and stone

Tile and stone floors are ideal for use with an underfloor heating system as they heat up fast and retain heat well,
making the system efficient to run.

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Electric Systems for Tiles

These hard surface floor finishes are suitable for use with both electric underfloor heating systems. The Heated Floor Mat System and DCM-PRO System are both perfect options. Find the right system for you depending on your floor size, shape, subfloor type, and the nature of your project.

heated floor mat system

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DCM-PRO system

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under tile and stone heating

Due to the low thermal resistance below the tile and high thermal mass of either tile or stone, these floor types are perfect for areas subject to high heat loss. Tile and stone floorings can be heated over 84°F, enabling the use of heaters with heat outputs going up to 20W/ft².

thermal conductivity

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How to Install Underfloor Heating for Tiles