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GFCI Power units are required to power all premium snow melting heated cubes and heated flakes mats and allow you to connect your set of premium heated snow melting mats into any exterior outlet at your house or building.

These waterproof GFCI power units can be left out all winter, and power any combination of premium snow melting mats up to an amperage load of 13 Amps, the amperage load for each mat in the system is:

120V Stair Mat: 0.9 Amps. 240V Stair Mat: 0.45 Amps

120V Door Mat: 1.9 Amps. 240V Door Mat: 0.8 Amps

120V Walkway Mat: 3.4 Amps. 240V Walkway Mat: 1.7 Amps


Power unit Cord Length: 6 feet.

Trip level: 30mA

The Short Extension Cable comes in a female to female configuration that is 20” long and with screw connectors. The Long Extension Cable comes in a female to male connection that is 40” long.

The short extension cables are perfect for connecting two mats at a 90 degree angle where two female ends line up against each other and need to be connected in that direction. While the longer cables can extend the distance between two mats on a line.

Sealed and waterproofed in molded virgin rubber, the watertight extension connectors ensure a safe and secure connections between all your heated mats, allowing power to flow through from one to the next.

TUV Rheinland approved

Specially designed to work with mats that melt snow and ice, on contact in both a residential or commercial application.

Snow melting mats do an amazing job of keeping the pathway to your doorstep clear and safe, however they do need to be turned on before the snowfall begins to be effective. The thermostat attachment automatically solves this problem by turning your system on and off based on the temperature outside.

They plug directly into your GFCI control to turn on your heated mat system when temperature falls below 38°F / 3ºC, and turns it off when temperature rises above 50°F /10ºC.

***Thermostat may not fit every outdoor outlet cover/box***

The Automatic Snow Sensor for Premium Heated Snow Melting Mat Systems eliminates this need to be present in order to turn your heated mats on or off. Using a combination of sensors that detect both temperature and moisture in the air, the automatic snow sensor, as it’s name suggests, automatically turns on your heated snow melting mat system so that you can come home to a clear and safe path to your doorstep.

The automatic snow sensors can be hard wired into any one snow melting mat systems supported on a single GFCI power unit.

It is recommended that the automatic snow sensor be hard wired into your system by a certified electrician.

Automatic Snow Sensor (Plug & Play)

Turns the mats on automatically when triggered by snow!  Have a snow-free walkway at all times without having to wait.

Low Cost Automatic Controls Reduce Snow Melting Costs.

Also available in 240V

*No electrician required*



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Our Snow melting mats connect to each other through built in chords and available extenders to cover any area you need. 

Connect your doormats, stair mats and walkway mats to cover a path all the way to your doorstep.