Dura Flex 300 Rubber Scraper Entrance Mats


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Dura Flex 300 Rubber Scraper Entrance Mats are made of rubber molded into treads to scrape away dirt, dust and mud. These non slip mats are perfect for outdoor use during harsh weathers and indoor use in high traffic areas.


Rubber Scraper Entrance Mats feature an oval surface pattern made of raised rubber which acts as treads for improved traction and scraping action. With a ramp edging, these mats lie flat to avoid tripping hazards. These mats can be used in wet indoor and outdoor areas such as washrooms and entrances.

Made entirely from a rubber material, Rubber Scraper Entrance Mats are slip resistant and durable scrapers. The raised pattern traps dirt and debris below the surface level to keep surrounding floors clean all day. These mats are so tough that they can withstand rain and snow without stretching or deteriorating. They can be easily cleaned by brushing them off or hosing them down.

Material 100% Rubber
Face Style Linear Oval Surface Pattern
Face Fibre Molded Rubber
Backing Smooth Rubber
Edging Ramp
Application Wet Indoor and Covered Outdoor Areas with Heavy Traffic
Sizes Available 1mx1.5m (3'x5')
Total Height 8mm (5/8")


  •  Ideal for wet indoor and covered outdoor areas with heavy traffic
  •  Apartment Buildings
  •  Warehouses
  •  Restaurants
  •  Kitchens
  •  Washrooms
  •  Schools
  •  Janitorial use

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