More Information
Material 100% Rubber
Face Style Perforated
Face Fibre Natural, Recycled and Nitrile Rubbers
Edging Ramp (Only Available for 3' x 5' Individual Mats)
Application Commercial Kitchens and Food Service
Custom Sizes Available
Total Height 12.7mm (1/2")
Total Weight 1.4 lb/ft²
Roll Length 9m (30')
Lenear Feet 3

CM Viper Drain Through Mats

CM Viper Drain Through Mats are made of natural, recycled and nitrile rubber. These mats are slip resistant with small holes to scrape away dirt and allow water to drain through, making them perfect for use in commercial kitchens with heavy traffic.
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CM Viper Drain Through Mats have a perforated texture featuring small holes which allow spilt water, oil and other substances to drain through so that the surface stays clean and safe. This material is also durable and strong, therefore the mats can be used for heavy indoor and outdoor traffic. These mats are ideal for commercial kitchens because they provide a good tread with a strong grip and they are mold as well as mildew resistant.

Why CM Viper Drain Through Mats?

Made entirely from rubber materials, CM Viper Drain Through Mats are extremely durable, stable and slip resistant as well as immune to mold and mildew. Their perforated texture features small holes which scrape away dirt, grime and moisture. These holes also allow water and other liquids to drain through the matting which keeps the mats’ surface clean and dry. Overall, these mats’ safety features can significantly reduce the risk of falls and other accidents in the workplace.

CM Viper Drain Through Mats are thick, offering anti-fatigue comfort to chefs, dishwashers, and other foodservice employees who spend hours on their feet without reprieve. Although these mats are thick they are available with a ramp edging for an easier transition from floor to mat for foot and wheeled traffic. In addition to the ramp edging, the holes in these mats are also accessible to wheeled traffic.

These mats are best used in busy commercial kitchens to keep customers and employees safe. However, these mats can also be used outdoors as a snow or garden mat throughout all weather conditions. 


  • ▸ 1mx1m (3'x3') mats that can be interlocked to cover large floor
  • ▸ 1mx1.5m (3' x 5') Individual mats with edging.
  • ▸ Custom cut length in a 1m (3') wide configuration. Available without edging on any sides
  • ▸ Full (1mx9m) 3' x 30' roll without beveled edges


  • ▸ Ideal for wet environments with heavy traffic
  • ▸ Commercial Kitchens
  • ▸ Warehouses
  • ▸ Garages
  • ▸ Workstations
  • ▸ Labs
  • ▸ Gardens and Yards

Features and Benefits

  • ▸ These mats’ non slip rubber material is extremely durable and stable
  • ▸ Rubber does not allow microbial growth such as mold and mildew
  • ▸ CM Viper Drain Through Mats are available with a ramp edging
  • ▸ Custom sizes are not available with ramp edging
  • ▸ Mats feature small holes which are accessible to wheeled traffic
  • ▸ Custom sizes are available in a maximum of 1mx12m (3’x39’)
  • ▸ Regular lead time is 1-2 weeks. Please contact us for rush orders (shipped within 1-2 days)

Custom Sizes

This durable matting is constructed with a mixed rubber material which allows us to cut the mats to the exact size that you need. Custom sized mats can be ordered online in linear feet as shown above. Or you can contact us at with your requirements.