Why buying a mat is better than renting a mat?

Most of the business believe renting a mat is better than owning a mat as they think it is more convenient and cost effective. But is that really true?

Mats are very important in creating a first great impression on your customers. When you are renting your mat, you are allowing somebody to come in and put the mats out for you which might not be the best mat to portray your business.

Look at this mat which was rented by one company. Its edges are crumpled and people might slip on these mats. Is that the impression you want to create on your customer's mind?

Rental Mats Rental Mats
Would you not prefer to have a mat like below which emphasizes your brand image and create a great impression on your customers? Owning a mat will let you customize your own mat, ensuring your entrance retains the professional appearance of your business.
Custom Logo Mats Custom Logo Mats
Most people think that it is easier to keep rental mats clean than having their own mats cleaned. For rental mats, one has to pay to get these mats cleaned with their own janitorial service. So why not pay them to get your own mats cleaned as money is already being spent to clean these rental mats. Thirdly, with rental mats most sizes that are available are too small but with owning a mat you can have the size and color option you want. Most rental mats come in standard size of 3' x 5' , 4' x 6' and 3' x 10' and with limited color option. While owning a mat, you can have any size you want. With owning a mat , you can find a mat that is safer too that does not have tripping hazards and which does not move around. Furthermore, you can have a wide variety of color options if you are buying a mat. With rental mats, people think that we can get it replaced every week or so. But the mat that rental companies will be bringing might not be new and must have been reused again and again. Sometimes the replacement mat looks worse than the mat that was picked up. Lastly owning a mat is more cost effective according to one study. If it cost 5$ a week to rent a 3' x 5' mat, it will 260$ in one year. But owning a mat is less expensive and it might be around 100$ depending on the mat you want. Similarly, the cost of the same mat will be 520 for two years so it is going to be more expensive in the long run to rent a mat compared to owning a mat.You can have the savings to replace the mat that you own when you need it. Hence, owning a mat is better than renting a mat because
  • A wide variety of sizes and color options available.
  • A chance to put your brand on the mat and strengthen your brand image.
  • More cost efficient in the longer run
  • Make your entrance safer for your customers.
  • Mats with customized sizes and colors and option of custom logo will definitely offer a more aesthetic appeal to your entrance.