When Should My Floor Mat Have Backing?

Every day, customers who are trying to find the best entrance mat for their requirements and price range ask us questions about our offerings. Most people only consider the front side of entry mats; however, what about the back? Most people are unaware that an entry mat's backing can affect its functionality and lifespan just as much as its face. The four most typical inquiries are as follows:

What’s The Difference Between Vinyl Backed And Rubber Backed Mats?

Not all types of support are created equally!


Although both vinyl and rubber mat backing are of the greatest calibre, they are not directly comparable. The vinyl backing is present in high-end carpet-style entry mats. Since carpet-style entry matting is woven and tufted similarly to traditional broadloom carpet, it is flexible and needs a sturdy but malleable substrate.


Because it is a more durable, less flexible sort of entrance matting that doesn't require the bendability of vinyl, premium knob-type entry matting has a rubber backing. The strongest and most long-lasting knob matting backing is rubber.


What Backing Type Is Good For Carpet?

None! Any mat that has carpet as its backing will sag and move, regardless of the backing material. The carpet is anything but flat, despite the appearance that it is! In a carpet, tens of thousands of tiny yarn tufts stand straight up like tiny fingers. As you move across the carpet, each tuft bends forward in the direction you are walking and then bends backward to resume its upright position. An entry mat shifts and moves around because of the carpet, not the mat's backing.


Which Backing Is Ideal For Hard Surface Floors?

Vinyl and rubber backings are unquestionably superior for tiles and other hard flooring surfaces. Rubber and vinyl backings both provide good slip resistance and lessen shifting and sliding. The most crucial component of keeping your mat in place, though, is sanitation! Regardless of the backing material, dirt and dust particles will act as tiny ball bearings between the bottom of your mat and the floor's surface, causing your mat to slide and shift when people walk across it. You must always keep your mat and floor spotless!

Will the backing prevent water from reaching the floor?

Entrance mats are distinguished from area rugs and normal carpets by their backing. All mat backing materials (vinyl and rubber), as long as they are whole and in good condition, will stop water from seeping through the mat and onto the floor below. You must take into account how much water will be needed at your entrance to maintain the level of foot traffic, the local climate, and the rest of your entrance matting system. Send us an email right away, and we'll be happy to help you choose the perfect mats for your requirements!