What does your doormat say about you?

When a friend comes to your door, your doormat can be the first impression they receive about you. Is it new, old, funny or stylish? Oddly enough these elements are often overlooked in our daily lives. A comparison would be what your shoes or clothing say about you. These are all parts of our lives that say something about who we are, how we take care of our possessions and in-turn ourselves. So what does your doormat say about you? Are you stylish, comical, or do you not pay attention to those details. It may be a lot of subliminal thinking but it all comes down to being a reflection of you. Maybe it’s time to take care of these small details that show who we are. A great place to look for that next accessory to your home is a click away.
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What does your mat say about you?
Your doormat horoscope Comical If you have a comical doormat, it means that you like to entertain, make people laugh and are an outgoing individual. Stylish A stylish doormat shows that you take care of your living space and pay attention to details. You take pride in making first impressions the best they can be. Ragged Doormats? Whatever. You are economical, easy going and have other priorities than first impressions. Maybe the dirt from partners past would be a crime to get rid of. In any case there are always options available for when you are ready to move on!