Vancouver Canucks Mats

It’s been 17 years since the Canucks have been in the Stanley Cup finals, why not commemorate it with some awesome gear that you can make use of for many years to come. Yeah you could just get a Canucks t-shirt or jersey, but maybe blue doesn’t look so hot on you, why not invest in something you can use every day and flaunt to all your friends, these unique pieces are sure to impress everyone. If you’re a Canucks fan that likes fan merchandise with a little bit of usability then these mats are perfect for you. The Canucks logo is now featured on a variety of items such as rugs, car mats, tiles, doormats, and golf putting mats. These mats are a versatile way for you to flaunt your pride; the area rugs are perfect for sports rooms, dens, living rooms, and even kitchens. In the states some call large rugs with massive logos on them “Tailgating Rugs,” they set up chairs around them in parking lots to show off which teams they are rooting for, I know there’s not many tailgating parties in Canada, but this just demonstrates how versatile these rugs are. If you have an outdoor living area then a rug like this is the perfect way to pull it together. A big rug like this would also be great to bring down to one of the outdoor viewing areas in downtown Vancouver. For those of us that like to take our team spirit on the road we have a selection of Canucks car mats, suitable for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Each has a nylon face with non-skid vinyl backing. If you’d prefer to keep your team spirit at home, why not show it right from the get go with a Canucks doormat at the front door. Not only are these mats an impressive way of demonstrating your passion for the team they also serve a purpose, they are extremely durable and will keep the grime from your guests feet at the front door. Canucks mats are an awesome way to show your pride and there’s a variety of mats to choose from!