Three Recommendations for Fall-Free Autumn

The arrival of fall signals cooler temperatures, changing foliage, and overcast sky. Slip-and-fall accidents at work are more likely to occur during inclement weather during seasonal transitions. It's time to take floor safety seriously now, before

According to Liberty Mutual's annual Workplace Safety Index, slip-related incidents cost American business owners $17.92 billion in losses. In addition to providing financial protection, preventing potential injuries at your company also gives you peace of mind that your facility is secure for both employees and customers.

The following safety advice will help prevent fall accidents at your store or place of business this fall:


1. Spend money on outdoor mats

Unfortunately, no company, no matter how large or strong, can alter the prognosis. The weather is starting to chill down and the leaves are beginning to change colour in many regions of the country. More rain showers and debris may soon be strewn across the sidewalks and streets. Put outside mats right in front of doorways to improve security on your home. Rubber scraper mats increase traction on wet surfaces like leaves and rain while preventing messes from entering the house. The rubber scraper mats from Canada Mats are constructed entirely of nitrile rubber and have elevated cleats for better footing.

2. Evaluate Your Insurance Program

No of the season, small company owners always need liability insurance. Choose a plan that is specific to your company's size, industry, and location rather than settling for any old one. In the event of an accident, the standard business owner coverage covers property damage, bodily injury, and personal injury for enterprises. Normally, a business owners' policy includes general insurance, but if you work as an independent contractor, you can buy general insurance separately. Property insurance is excluded from general insurance, which instead covers any liabilities you might incur while operating your firm. Without a defence, one lawsuit could be enough to cause your company to fail.

3. Preserve Interiors

Equipping your building's interior for floor safety is equally as important as doing so on the exterior. The long-lasting dye resists fading and wear, and the rubber backing stabilises premium entrance mats inside the entrance. Premier entry carpets provide an extra "step" to keep floors dry and clean when outdoor elements make an appearance.