The Tale Of Two Products – Dwinguler Castle Playpen & Its Extension Kit!

Once upon a time... in a land far far away... Majestic fairy tale castles, kings and queens, dragons and elves are all part of the grand fairy tales your child will grow up listening too... as you did when you were little kids. These fairy tale castles and characters are an important part of your child’s imagination, fantasy and playtime! Now, what if there was a way you could actually gift your little one a majestic castle to play with? Of course you can... what? Yes, it's true... Canada Mats gives you the Dwinguler Castle Playroom! Dwinguler3This here is a Castle that gives wings to imagination – kids can be royalty, slay dragons, befriend elves, battle invading armies, shoot arrows and launch cannon balls or pretty much do anything their little imaginative minds tell them to do. We truly believe that with our Dwinguler Castle Playroom, fairy-tales are no longer confined to story books but can be brought to life! Of course, if your child is of the more peace-loving and artistic variety, then they can simply use the play area as painting corner, play with their toys, read or simply daydream. The options are endless! What’s in it for you as adults? The Castle playroom is a safe place to leave infants, toddlers and bratty kids of different age groups while you are busy running around the house completing chores. We have personally seen Dwinguler Castle Playpen contain, safeguard and calm tiny humans effectively – so you and your kids are in safe hands. Now, let’s move on to more Castle features. Dwinguler Castle Playroom is known for its trademark high quality and safety features. Designed to create a safe, healthy play area for children and their play activities, the Castle Playpen is fully certified for its safety and quality. Spacious, sturdy, light-weight and comfortable, Castle is the perfect partner in play for your children. Castle Playroom also has a learning station that promotes sensory development for kids to learn as they play. They can play with the phone (ours is a modern fairy tale castle!), gears and levers and even draw cute animal characters! Castle Learning Station Dwinguler Castle Features2Castle is thoughtfully designed with safety features like dual locking for safe and secure locking, see-through windows to keep an eye on your child as they play, rounded edges to prevent injury, and non-slip rubber feet for slip-resistance and stability. Dwinguler Castle is also equipped with a hinged swinging door with safety lock, four medium panels, four connectors, two large panels, one activity board, and four panel holders. Castle Easy to Assemble Castle Playroom the largest in the market and customized to fit a large sized Dwinguler Playmat, is easy to use, easy to assemble/disassemble, and easy to store and transport. But wait...!! We are not done yet... this is a tale of two product after all! Now, as we said... Dwinguler Castle play room is the largest available in the market. But, we thought why not go ahead and make it even bigger! And so we bring you the Castle Playroom Extension Kit in Rainbow! Why? Because we believe bigger, wider and double the space is just perfect for double the fun! The Castle Playroom (regular size) is special in itself ... but, we understand that sometimes this may not be enough for a larger family or if your little one is quite the popular kid with many friends. So, with the Dwinguler Castle Playroom extended set, we offer the chance to give fairy tale fantasies a size upgrade! 50-51 내지 캐슬 The Rainbow Castle Extension Kit follows through on the same safety features as the standard Dwinguler Castle play room. Rainbow Castle Extension Kit comes with four panels and two panel supports in addition over the standard Dwinguler Castle play room. Dwinguler Castle with the extended kit measure: 94.5 in (L) x 115.7 in (W) x 30.8 in (H). It fits TWO large size Dwinguler Playmats!! Please Note: The extension kit is... just the extension parts and does not include Dwinguler Castle which is sold separately. So what are you waiting for? Come fall in love with the Dwinguler Castle Playroom (and extension kit!). It is simply put – the best product for our children! Magic doors and fantastic kingdoms await all of us who are willing to embark!!!