Take A Look At Our Play Mats

The biggest reward to you as a parent, if we were to take a big leap at guessing, would be to watch your child grow up healthy, happy and picking up and learning new things from their surroundings and during play time. Of the many purchases that a new parent can make, a good play mat is the most important and one that is most likely to earn its keep. A safe, comfortable, stimulating and educative play mat where your baby is happy to lie, and later sit, will prove invaluable for everyone concerned. Babies need constant stimulation and play time to help develop their growing bodies and expanding brains but they also need to be protected from tumbles and falls and bumps and bruises at the same time. The best baby play mats create a safe play area for your baby while entertaining your baby, providing educational value and giving them sensory experiences all at the same time. Though a crucial tool in developing your baby’s essential skills, these play mats also fulfill the all important task of... protecting him/her from injuries. And best of all – these educational and protective play mats can be enjoyed by a baby of any age. When it comes to choosing a good baby play mat there are a lot of things to consider and they come in a variety of designs and shapes. We, at Canada Mats, offer up a collection of play mats that we hope will make things easier for you to choose the best play mat for your baby! Our play mats are:
  • Comes in vibrant colors and characters.
  • Made from eco-friendly and baby friendly materials. Tested and proven 100% free from any toxic materials - Latex Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free, BPA Free.
  • Padded and cushioned to protect delicate heads, hands and wrists against injury from falls and tumbles.
  • Free from that irritating chemical odour that parents worry about.
  • Shock absorbent to reduce noise, keeping the atmosphere quiet and peaceful.
  • Easy to clean and sanitized. Keep your baby healthy and protected from germs, bugs and bacteria. Wipe any spills, dribbles and food with soap and water and that’s the end of it.
  • Waterproof – no more worries of spillage or crumbs spoiling the mat as compared to other puzzle mats.
  • Portable and can be easily rolled up for easy use in nurseries, bedrooms, living room, playroom, picnics, playgrounds, parks, gyms, beaches or any other public place where you need a clean and safe place for kids to play.
  • Completely safe for kids and have absolutely no sharp edges!
  • Great on you and your baby's feet!
Let’s take a look at the play mats we have at Canada Mats: Baby Care Birds in the Trees Playmat birds_in_the_trees_front Take your kids bird watching with the Baby Care Birds in the Trees Playmat. It’s a great way for kiddies to learn about the various tweeters that live in trees. How many types of birds does your child spot? And how many different colours are they? The bright colours and endearing graphics of the play mats allow for hours of discovery and absorption. On the reverse side, this play mat features a simple alphabet theme in the continued effort to develop and teach as your child plays. The Baby Care Birds in the Trees Playmat is great for use in any spot in your house where the kids like to hang out. Roll it up and take it with you on excursions with the kids. Baby Care Busy Farm Playmat busyfarm_front There really is a fully functional farm on the Baby Care Busy Farm Playmat. There’s a barn, sheep pen, vegetable patch, pond, a pig pen and of course a field of crop. Your child will learn all about farm life—the animals, the tasks, the activities and specialized areas. With its rich colours and attractive graphics, the mat simple and interesting. On the reverse side, the play mat features alphabets and the animals connected with them. Kids will have fun learning as they roll, lie around and play on the mat. You can cook up little games involving tasks on the farm for your kids to complete. It’s a fun way to spend some quality time with them. The mat is great to use around the house as well as outdoors. Baby Care Playmat - Pingko & Friends babycare_pingko_front Get your kids to hang around with Pingko and his adorable pals with the Baby Care Pingko and Friends Playmat. When this chubby pink elephant hangs around with his equally chubby pals, it’s a fun times for your kiddies. The bright colours and friendly graphics woo your child’s interest and affection. Why don’t you hang out with them and teach them the names of Pingko’s many animal friends that are introduced on the play mat? On the flip side, the play mat teaches the alphabet using bright colours and lettering. There are also animals that start with each alphabet so your child learns the names of animals too. The play mat is versatile enough to be used anywhere in the house. It’s tough enough to be used anywhere outdoors. Dwinguler Dinoland Playmat dinoland The Dwinguler Dinoland Playmat, as the name suggests, features a land teaming with dinosaurs. These play mats take your children into an exciting pre-historic world where cute dinosaurs existed and walked the Earth. On the reverse side, the mat features alphabets and numbers from 1 to 10. Children learn words connected with the alphabets and spend many happy hours imagining, playing, rolling and discovering. These play mats are very engaging and entertaining for young kids, thanks to their bright colours and appealing graphics. They give you a chance to spend time with your kids, telling them about the different types of dinos there used to be. Use these mats anywhere in the house or outdoors. You'll find them surprisingly fuss-free to use. Dwinguler Fairy Tale Land Playmat 01-dwinguler-l-fairy-03 Give your kids their rightful share of the enchanted life with castles, princesses, gingerbread houses and more. The rich colours and graphics on the mat are stimulating and kids can spend hours using their imagination to conjure up new stories and offering spin-offs to the old ones. Spend some time telling them the stories behind each character on this magical mat. On the reverse side, the mat has alphabets and makes an interesting learning tool. These mats are good for kids to lounge around, play and tumble on. Use them at home or outdoors. The Fairy Tale Land Playmats are durable and easy to clean, making them hassle-free to maintain. Dwinguler Garden Delight Green Playmat 01-dwinguler-l-green-03 Let’s go to the garden! The Dwinguler Garden Delight Green Playmat takes your child on a trip to the garden...without stepping outdoors. On this play mat, gorgeous colourful flowers grow healthy and free. Amidst them, plump bees, shimmering dragon flies, pretty lady bugs and multi-coloured butterflies meet and greet each other. Turn it over and the play mat turns into a learning tool that introduces your child to the alphabet and numbers. Hang out with your little ones and help them identify animals and objects. With their superior cushioning, these mats can be used in your child’s room, play room, or in the living room to create a safe and fun play space for your kids and the entire family! Going outdoors? Roll up the mat and it’s ready to go anywhere the kids are. Dwinguler Music Parade Sound Sensory Playmat 01-dwinguler-s-soundmat-04 Teach your child through play! Kids learn through things they see, hear, touch, taste and smell. The Dwinguler Music Parade Sound Sensory Playmat is an interactive sound learning play mat which uses sound to stimulate brain development in children aged 12 months and above. The play mat features animal sounds, stories in two languages and five classic music selections that play for 10 minutes. They are also a great tool for children to learn the alphabet and to develop their capability of understanding objects and words. The sound play mat is the perfect way to give your child a head start before they enter school. Dwinguler Aesop's Fables Storytelling Sensory Playmat 01-dwinguler-s-aesop-04 Aesop’s Fables come alive on Dwinguler’s Sensory Playmat. The lessons and the wisdom that lies wrapped up in every fable can now be learned by your children with this vibrant play mat. The play mat comes with the 3D Augmented Reality (AR) App that complements and brings to life the stories told by the visuals on the mat. The 3D AR app plays out the fables in exciting 3D animation. The app can be downloaded from the Android Google App Play Store and the iOS Appstore. On the flip side, the mat has pictures of the all the fables in addition to alphabets. The 3D AR app can be used on this side as well. The mat also comes with a printed Aesop’s Fables Storybook. Dwinguler Zoo Playmat zoo Take the kids to the zoo. Or bring the zoo to the kids with the Dwinguler Zoo Playmat. Introduce your child with the usual zoo regulars—lions, tigers, elephants, rabbits—in the form of very likeable graphics in vivid colours. Build love, appreciation and knowledge about these animals by spinning stories involving these characters. It’s a great way to spend quality time with kids.
These mats provide a safe, soft and hygienic spot for children to tumble, roll, play and lie down on. They can be used just about anywhere—indoors as well as outdoors. Even when you go visiting the zoo! Dwiguler Safari Playmat play-mats-safari3 What a fun mat this is! On the Dwinguler Safari Playmat, kids in a red car and in a boat are all set to have an adventure…and your child is invited to join the fun! The play mats will fire the imagination of children as they build stories and situations in the wilderness and overcome all sorts of conjured-up obstacles. On the reverse side, kids learn to spell the names of animals from the safari. The play mat keeps kids happily engaged for hours. Maybe you can join them and tell them of the mad adventures you have had. These play mats are great for using anywhere in the house or outdoors...any place your kids would like to take the adventure. Dwinguler My Town Playmat play-mats-my-town5_1The Dwinguler My Town Playmat has an entire town on it. Hospitals, fountains, playgrounds and roads all create an interesting place that your child can explore at leisure. It’s a great way for kids to learn about the different elements and structures that go into building a town. You can make the journey more interesting by giving out little details about the places your child sees. Why not create a story or a game that involves all the spaces in this town? On the flip side, the play mat features different types of vehicles, their names and the sounds they make. Creative, vibrant and educational, Dwinguler My Town Playmat will engage and promote the sensory and educational development of your child. With so many play mats to choose from... we are quite sure you will fall in love with one that is best for your baby! Happy hunting!