Summer Is Here... Change Those Doormats!

It is summer and it is time to bring in the colors and feelings of summer-time into your home! Summer is as much a state of mind as it is a season, so transform your spaces to embrace all the benefits it has to offer... (read this somewhere.. true wouldn’t you say?)... so go ahead and throw open the doors and windows, pull back the curtains, and get rid of dark, gloomy, unnecessary (un-summer like) decor items... and get in the spirit of summer! Now, while you are busy getting your home interiors summer ready... do not forget someone... or something on the outside that could do with a little injection of summer-time too – your doormat! After months and months of hard work (through winter and spring even..) your doorway needs some TLC with brand new summer inspired doormats! After all, your doorway and the doormat you choose go a long way in creating the perfect impression. And, we cannot have a drab, boring, tired and simply worn-out doormat welcoming guests into your new summer-ified home, can we? No.... This is where we come in to help you of course... with our small (but awesome!) collection of doormats that we think would just be perfect this summer!!! Take a look at these doormats and get one that will be the right addition to your home... Doormats that scream... go on a beach-cation right now!!!! These doormats... as you can see... are quite self explanatory. Made from coir fibres and printed with vibrant summery designs, these doormats just urge you to spend some lazy summer days on the beach... Or, you can let these doormats bring the beach to you by adding a touch of beachiness to your doorstep... Anything works with these pretty ones!

Cabana Stripes Coco Mat

Sun-kissed sand, crashing waves, and that salt-tinged sea air - that's what these Cabana Stripes on a doormat will remind you off. Work these beautiful and nostalgic stripes (and the doormat) into your doorway and even the most boring day can be transformed in to staycation.


Flip Flop Welcome Doormat

Reminding you and your guests of the good ole summer days. Perhaps those are your flip-flops warmly welcoming everyone to imagine the best vacation you've had!

Flip Flop Welcome

Lighthouse Coco Mat

Do you remember that lighthouse from that beach from that one holiday? Hah! The Lighthouse doormat is perfect for all those lighthouses you've missed.

Lighthouse Coco Mat Footprints Coco Mat

These footprints just tempt you don't they.. to take that well deserved beach break? Perfectly summer, this doormat is sure to spread joy to one and all!Footprints Coco Mat Doormats that are a Spring-Summer Combo! There's just something about fresh leaves and flowers that mean spring... but hey, if you did not get the chance to break out some kick-ass leafy and flowery doormats in spring... who cares really... bring them out for summer. These coir doormats in vibrant and beautiful prints are equally kick-ass for some serious summer fun!

Painted Flowers Coco Mat

Perfect painted flowers to brighten up a tired and worn-out doorway with brilliant colors and beauty. What's even better, these will not dry up or wither away.. these flowers will spread summer love throughout the season (and all through the next if you so wish!)

Painted Flowers Coco Mat Light Leaves Coco Mat

We do not believe is leaving your doorway un-summer like - so go on an use these pretty light leaves for a doorway that is elegant and as summery as your home.

light leaves

Dark Flowers Coco Mat

"What a desolate place would be a world without flowers..." We do not want your home and your doorway to be bleak and unhappy... so decorate away with our all new Dark Flowers Coco Doormat and see your world transform into a thing of beauty!

Dark Flowers

Blue Leaves Coco Mat

Contemporary and just the right colorful doormat to make your doorway "pop" for summer.

blue leaves Doormats & random patterns can be summery too! Coz you know.. these are so pretty, so vibrant, oh so colorful and so strangely soothing to the eyes that they have to displayed in all its glory this summer!

Multi-Color Stripes Coco Mat

Colour!! Lots of colour! An absolutely smashing way to welcome your friends and family to your home this summer... with lots of colour! The perfect summer-ified entrance mat to create a beautiful and warm doorway that offers the best welcome you can give.

Multi-Color Stripes

White Polka Dots

Do you know.. this doormat was featured in HGTV... as the doormat to have? We believe so too and think this would be perfect to shake things up when things get too dull!

White Polka Dots Coco Mat

Herringbone Coco Mat

A classic and traditional design, the Herringbone, in shades of green, make this coco mat a beautiful and effective addition to your home decor this summer to create a warm and welcome doorway.

Herringbone Pattern Mat

Chevron Coco Doormat

There is nothing plain and dull about this doormat. Keep people guessing as you welcome them... Doesn't this provide the perfect twist for summer?

coco-mats-chevron If you haven't the perfect summer doormat for you yet.. do not lose hope.. come over to take a look at all our decorative doormats and get one that you absolutely fall in love with!