Promote Your Brand with Custom Logo Mats

POS Branding With the new year, we know many of you are looking to reset and develop new marketing strategies for your company! As you start planning for 2015, do not forget to look down! Why? Because, whether you are looking to simply boost your sales or refresh & reshape your company brand, Custom Logo Floor Mats will make an important addition to the company’s marketing strategy. Still not sure if custom logo floor mats are for you? - Let us take you through some reasons why you should invest in some good quality logo mats for your company today. Make a great first impression You only get one chance to make a really great first impression. Yet many of you overlook that one important area that people see first – that’s right – your entrance and your entrance mat. Everyone has a door and all of you need to keep the floors clean. DuranNopCustomLogoMat Entrance mats are important for keeping floors dry, clean and safe, but, here is the twist, these entrance floor mats can also be easily customized to create a positive first impression for your business. Your entrance and the customized floor mat you choose go a long way to provide a great, eye-catching way to promote and add value to your brand, tagline and your company’s image. Combining the benefits of a floor mat with eye-catching designs will give your marketing efforts the extra push you need with the new year. The custom logo mats will also help create a professional look to your entryway. Placing an entrance mat with your company name right at the door, acts as a sign board. This will let people know that they are at the right place and give the right credibility to your brand image. By using a customized floor mat you can quickly tell your customers all about your business with a tag-line, give them an overview of what you have to offer; and importantly attract potential customers – give people a reason to stop and enter by adding your logo or a promotional message to highlight your brand. Build Brand Awareness Custom Floor mats work efficiently at trapping dirt and water but as such they are also highly visible. Floors are a largely un-used marketing space which presents you great potential. They provide an easy and functional way to consistently add branding throughout a work space. Without a lot of other “floor-branding” around, these attractive custom mats will stand out and grab a lot of eye-balls. grand-impressions-dental-2 As the floor mats work towards keeping your floors clean, dry and safe, when customized, they are great at generating brand and product awareness. Good quality, durable custom floor mats can be imprinted with your logo, company name, tagline, website address, social media information, marketing message etc. When placed at your entrance, in elevators, at top of stairs, these branded floor mats will catch the eye as soon as customers step through the door. These customized floor mats can be used at checkout counters and reception desks and other high-traffic, high-visibility areas to create visibility and help your brand stand out. Beautiful Anti-Fatigue custom floor mats can be used in employee areas to promote safety or motivation messages to build company pride and build employee loyalty. Unconventional Advertising to Increase Sales Floor Impression Custom Logo Mat Custom floor mats are excellent sales and marketing tools. They provide an opportunity to advertise your brand, your products and services and yet stick out in the minds of customers. When used in tandem with other more conventional forms of advertising - your customized floor mat will be help push your marketing strategy to a whole new level and help increase your sales. Everywhere a customer looks, newspapers, magazines, billboards, store walls and shelving, etc are often crowded with signage and conventional advertising, all competing for the customer’s attention. But the floor is an untapped and uncluttered branding space, virtually teaming with possibilities. With no other such non-traditional advertising around, a logo or a sales message on a floor mat will really stand out and make a powerful impression. The mats when strategically placed will stick out from the others, thus leading to increased sales for your business. Here are a few possibilities of “floor-advertising”
  • Outside entrances to draw people in as they’re walking by a business
  • Inside a doorway to immediately presenting a key sales message
  • In front of a product display, to highlight features and benefits or provide sizing or comparison information
  • In front of a related product display (for example, a floor mat featuring a cereal brand can be placed in front of bananas, or spaghetti sauce featured on a mat in the pasta aisle)
  • Throughout a retail or office space to highlight promotions and special offers
  • At the point of sale, to make one last sales pitch as customers are checking
Branding/Advertising at Point of Sale Effective visual merchandising is important for a business who sells their products or services in a retail setting. It involves using a customized floor mat in a store to: engage customers, help them find what they’re looking for, help them make a purchase decision and lead them to other products they may not have been looking for While a lot of emphasis is placed on the displays, lighting and signage custom floor mats re a very powerful visual merchandising tool. The floor mats can be used too
  • Point customers towards specific products.
  • Provide features/benefits/comparison information in front of a product display, to help customers make a purchase decision.
  • Highlight a special promotion. You can use floor mats to tell customers about special offers and discounts, special giveaways, contests, loyalty clubs and other promotional marketing messages. These can be used to encourage customers to enter the promotion or follow your social media.
  • Inspire additional purchases. For example, a wine seller could potentially place a floor mat near the juice section that says: “Looking for something stronger? Check out our wine in Section 8.”
  • Encourage impulse decisions. Capture last-minute sales by highlighting specific products or brands at the checkout counter, either with a floor mat in front of a display or with an eye-catching counter mat.
Eco-Friendly way to Promote your brand Yes, these customized floor mat provide you with a great opportunity to show case your business as a eco-conscious brand. By using a custom logo mat, you have an advertising tool that will last you a long time. This ensures that you do not have to regularly discard these like you would a paper advert. Thus saving a few trees in the process. Made out of either Coco fibres (which are made sustainably from coconut by products) and Rubber (recycled from old used rubber tires) the custom logo mats give you a product that will enhance your brand while keeping it ecologically safe. Maintaining a Custom Logo Floor Mat These customized mats require the same maintenance as your regular floor mat: just vacuum them frequently to remove dirt, and treat any spills as needed. These simple steps will provide less work in the long run, because you’ll find less dirt and debris tracked through the rest of your business space. They say a “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Use Custom Logo Mats with high quality images today to project your brand to the world out there and grab some serious eyeballs. Contact us today or call us at to order a custom logo mat that works for you. For further information of the range of Customized Mats that we have, do visit our Custom Logo Mats webpage.