Our Rockstar G-Floor Graphic Printable Flooring

We are so excited to share this absolutely amazing review with you!

Christina Lake Arts and Artisans Society was so kind to share such high praise about our rockstar product - the G-Floor Graphic Printable Flooring. We are so thrilled and preening like a product parent of a truly wonderful product. Here is what they had to say:

"The creation turned out amazing (considering it was done by total amateurs (me and volunteers). Do you know we went onto the mezzanine of that room attached a cell phone to a roof snow removal extenda-stick thingy to take the shot? I am so very pleased at how our “3D” mat turned out and it was a huge hit with my Elected Official, Regional District of Kootenay-Boundary Director Grace McGregor, who gave a grant to our community to make it possible and who presented it to our Christina Lake Arts and Artisans Society. The mat is used to protect our beautiful 3D floor mural and allows the artisans to set up band equipment, tables, etc without damaging the painted floor; because of your mat we can still “see” and showcase the mural when a show is on which allows the artists to perform freely! As well, the visitor centre tenants and Director McGregor were thrilled to have their logo included and printed on the mat, in fact walking by it the other day when I took these shots I didn’t realize the mat was down if not for the logos! I have included a picture of our wonderful 3D floor mural at the Christina Lake Welcome Centre both with and without the mat, see for yourself how incredible it turned out! Thank you, Canada Mats!"

3D floor mural @Christina Lake Welcome Centre with the custom G-Floor Graphic Flooring
3D floor mural @Christina Lake Welcome Centre without the custom G-Floor Graphic Flooring

Thank you guys! We are glad we got this opportunity to work with you. It was such a pleasure and what a rocking way for us to showcase our G-floor Graphic Flooring! The joy this gorgeous mat brought to all of you over at the Christina Lake Arts and Artisans Society absolutely made our day!

A premium printable flooring option, the G-Floor Graphic Printable Flooring combines superior durability with exceptional printing to create a long lasting and versatile floor covering that is perfect for trade shows, retail stores, bars, restaurants, and even for residential use.

Printable vinyl floors have long been used as an effective way to protect floors while adding unique high quality design to promote products/services or just create a unique aesthetic that would have otherwise been unachievable through conventional flooring options. Our competitors have traditionally used a thin top layer of vinyl combined with many layers of fillers (cardboard, foams, and fiberboards) to protect the print.

G-Floor Graphic Flooring on the other hand uses a single, solid layer of impervious extruded polyvinyl. This polyvinyl is extruded from raw vinyl materials into a thick, solid sheet of clear protective flooring. The image is then etched into a protected layer that is encased in the polyvinyl blend. As a result, rather than layers of fillers, you get a single piece of material that features the graphic encased in protective coating. Since the image in G-Floor Printable Flooring is embedded in this polyvinyl wear layer, it is impossible to damage, tear, rip, distort, stain, or break. The material is impervious to normal wear and tear and will last the test of time.

Check out more about the G-Floor Graphic Flooring here: https://www.canadamats.ca/g-floor-graphic-printable-flooring.html.

This graphic flooring is completely customizable to your needs. So, please get in touch with us if you would like to own one of this gorgeous custom graphic mats!
Ofcourse, if this mat is not the one for you, no worries, you can check out our other mat options at https://www.canada.ca