New: Synthetic Koko Mats!

We recently had a 400 lb roll of Synthetic Koko matting roll into the Canada Mats office. We purchased the enormous roll so we can custom cut mats and matting right from here and then ship it out ourselves, so feel free to give us a call and we can work something out for your custom matting needs. Synthetic Koko resembles the look and feel of real coir, but doesn’t shed or fade. The synthetic coir is made from polypropylene which is woven into a looped-ribbed pattern. The looping is ideal for scraping off dirt and stopping water. The Koko mats have a dense face weight, making them ideal for long term usage even in the highest of traffic areas. These synthetic mats are made from UV stabilizers that make them resistant to fading in the sun, but also aid the in drying much more quickly than natural coco mats. The rubber backing on the Synthetic Koko mats make them ultra-durable, and also help them stay in place and not slide around or curl up at the sides. Though these mats are synthetic they still have a soft natural look to them, much like natural coir. Synthetic Coir offers long wear, and will not show traffic patterns. It continues to look newer for a much longer period of time. Synthetic mats are great for indoor or outdoor usage, and come in virtually any size you need them to as they can be custom cut. Koko mats come in a variety of colours such as red, brown, blue, black and green. These mats are also easy to clean, to keep them in optimum condition try and give them a vacuum daily, but they can benefit from a good pressure washing. Synthetic mats make for great mats to customize at home, just grab some stencils and some Krylon Outdoor Spray Paints and make your own fancy mats. The possibilities with synthetic coir mats are endless. What would you do with it?