Let’s have some fun with doormats

Mirth is God's medicine. Everybody ought to bathe in it. ~Henry Ward Beecher A very wise man that! And who are we really to go against such a profound thought! What better way to indulge in some mirth and magnanimously share it with others - than some really really funny doormats! And you guys are in some luck... we have quite the collection of funny, witty and even some rude doormats. Yes, our rude doormats are super funny too (... it’s all in the viewpoint!) So here is a roundup of our favourite funny doormats that will add spunk and fun to your doorstep. What an absolutely smashing way to welcome everyone to your home! Let’s start off with our rude yet extremely funny doormats... Coz, you know we said they were funny and now we have a point to prove! Ok, these “un-welcome” doormats are a must have for when you’ve run out of sarcasm and patience! Made from premium thick coir fibres, these funny/rude doormats tell repeat offenders to bugger off (it's all about being polite!) Do not worry - these doormats will be a delight for your loved ones but is sure to make trespassers think twice. Oh Shit Not You Again oh shit not you again Oh no. It’s the neighbor again!!!!!! *Bleep* *Bleep*. Well, this doormat oughta get the point across! If it does not... we are truly truly sorry for all that heartburn! Look below for some more variations of this doormat (a more polite version if you may) and see if those help. Good Luck! Oh No Not You Again coco-mats-oh-no-not-you-again-doormat Oh No! Not YOU again!! Time to stop being Mr. or Ms. Nice. Roll out this unwelcome mat for a change! Get the message across to those pesky guests who just do not seem to get the idea! You've tried sarcasm... you've tried downright rude... Now try this funny (or rude) doormat and see if it helps! You've got nothing to lose.. Oh No Not You Again – French coco-mats-french-not-you-again-l Try this funny doormat to tell repeat offenders to bugger off (it's all about being polite!) with a Oh No! Not You Again statement! If English is not their strong point then try the french version just to be on the safer side! Come In Go Away Ambigram Doormat ComeInGoAwayAmbigram Do you wish for a doormat that would greet people depending on the mood you are in on a given day? Then your wish is our command! This doormat has been uniquely designed to read "Come In" from one angle and "Go Away" when flipped. If you are expecting friends and family then welcome them otherwise send the un-friendlies packing by using the correct angle as a "If you disturb me you shall be hurt" sign. Not Welcome Doormats coco-mats-not-welcome Nothing much we need to say about this doormat, right? This one says it all! Have your loved ones laughing with you... and the not so loved ones? Hopefully they can laugh along and take the hint at the same time! We have our fingers crossed for you. Moving on to some funny doormats made especially for you and your furry housemates. So, for all you dog-owners who feel totally loved in spite of all your flaws, for you who cannot recall the last time you enjoyed a day of bark-free peace, here is a collection of some hilarious doormats (as funny as your dog!). Let’s prove to one and all, owning a dog is totally rip-roaring fun! 'Not A Joke - The Dog' Doormat funny-doormat-not-a-joke-dog To the owners: You know your dog has been plotting against you - make negotiating for your release after your imminent kidnapping easier with the hilarious "This is not a joke" mat. To the dog: Don't get any ideas 'Dog Is Nuts' Doormat funny-doormat-dog-is-nuts_2 You might as well be honest with your guests. They're about to come into your home, they'll know the truth soon enough. It's hard to hide that your dog is totally, completely, off-the-wall crazy. If he was human, he would be best in a nice white, padded room wearing a straight jacket. Unfortunately, they haven't invented doggy straightjackets yet, so warn guests before they come in with our 'Dog is Nuts' doormat 'For Whom The Dog Barks' Doormat funny-doormat-for-whom-dog-barks Impress your more literary minded friends with our spoof on John Dunne's Meditation 17. Now you just need to train your dog to bark in Old English. 'Dog Is A Humper' Doormat funny-doormat-dog-humper Make love, not war. Not once have you seen him bite anything (not even the thief that stole your flat screen TV?), but he will hump anything, including but not limited to the mailman, your daughter, the nearest tree, fire hydrant, rock, or anything that stands still for at least a second (you think he would?ve learned his lesson after the beehive incident). Spread the love with our "Dog is a Humper" mat. 'Dog Needs Exercise' Doormat funny-doormat-dog-needs-exercise Do you ever wish you could be as in shape as your dog? Their body is all muscle, and they can eat all they want and not put on an ounce of weight. To fill this demand, we're introducing the 'Dog Workout'. It's simple: Just race around in crazy circles every time the doorbell rings, chase after everything that moves, and only eat dry kibbles of 'meat' voila! Get a full day of exercise in with our 'Dog Needs Exercise' mat! Now, we do not want our feline friends to be left out with all the dog talk! Let’s show off your cat-love to all who step up to your door with some kitty friendly funny doormats. Guys, we are serious, get these doormats now or your cat will have the last laugh – we are quite sure the furry smarty pants has been up to some serious planning (we do not want to be around to find out what!). Made from 100% Olefin, these funny doormats will appease any miffed cats out there and buy you some time – for now! 'Not A Joke - The Cat' Doormat funny-doormat-not-a-joke-cat To the owners: You know your cat has been plotting against you-make negotiating for your release after your imminent kidnapping easier with the hilarious "This is not a joke" mat. To the cat: Don't get any ideas 'The Cat, Day 751' Doormat funny-doormat-day-751-cat The Cat, Day 752: I am certain my captors found this chronicle of my imprisonment. They had an entry printed on a piece of fabric which now lies at the front of the prison. They appear to find me funny. We'll see how much they're laughing after I put my plan for revenge into action 'We Decorate With Cats' Doormat funny-doormat-decorate-with-cats What is that look for? You don't decorate with cats?? How quaint!? But you shouldn't be surprised, you noticed our 'We Decorate with Cats' doormat when you came in, right? Well, fair enough, it is a little harder to read with Fluffy laying across it like that? Ahhh! Now, moving on to our favourite kind of doormats – yes, the extremely boozy ones! Hic Hic! Are you and your housemates rarely seen without a cold (or lukewarm) brew in your hand? Then these doormats are just perfect for you! Invite your guests in to participate in the sacred intake of fermented hops with our very beer-illy funny doormats (see what beer makes us do – invent new words!) 'Beer Gets You In The Door' Doormat funny-doormat-beer-gets-in-door Ever have those house guests that show up empty handed, drink your best liquor, and leave with hardly a thank you? Ensure freeloaders never pass through your door again with our "Beer gets you in the door" mat! 'It Is Beer-30' Doormat funny-doormat-beer-30 Be kind to your friends - invite your guests in to participate in the sacred intake of fermented hops with our "It's Beer-30" mat! 'Relax. Take Your Top Off' Doormat funny-doormat-take-your-top-off Sure, milk is good for building strong bones. But we believe that beer is also often overlooked-it does, after all, contain grains (which are at the bottom of the food pyramid-read: necessary!) And all things considered... Beer really is the worlds best relaxant, no? Of course it goes without saying, these are just a few of the funny/rude doormats that we have! We wish we could’ve shown them all with this post, but we did not want to bore you to death with all the words! So what we have on here is a simple taste of the good things to come. Simply click through to our website for more of these belly clutching funny doormats. Tell us which ones you like the best!