Keep Your Facility Safe with Sanitizing Disinfectant Doormats

Keeping your facility safe requires an effective and efficient strategy, and one such strategy is the use of Sanitizing Disinfectant Doormats.

Sanitizing Disinfectant Doormats are designed for effective containment and passive application of liquid disinfectants; these mats are necessary for any room subject to contamination. As visitors walk on them, these mats apply liquid disinfectant to the bottom of their shoes while holding the liquid in place for long-term use.



The rubber fingertips on these mats also act as an effective scrapper to remove any large pieces of debris a visitor can bring into the sanitized area; this means the site is being disinfected and protected from unwanted dirt and debris.


In addition, the integrated edging of these mats helps keep the liquid and any captured dust/debris contained within the mat. The thick rubber construction also prevents any leaks; this ensures that the disinfectant is not only practical but also safe to use and handle.

Sanitizing Disinfectant Doormats are perfect for doorways to starter rooms, laboratories, cooking kitchens, packaging areas, employee locker rooms, break rooms, refuse areas, and receiving rooms – and anywhere else you want to limit the spread of contamination. By sanitizing disinfectant doormats in these areas, you can be sure that you are taking proactive steps to keep your facility safe and healthy.



In conclusion, maintaining a clean and safe environment should be emphasized. Sanitizing disinfectant doormats is an effective and efficient strategy for achieving this goal. Using these mats in your facility limits the spread of contamination and creates a safer, healthier environment for everyone.