Get The Right Martial Arts Mat For Yourself

Get The Right Martial Arts Mat For Yourself

We are aware that martial arts are a full-contact combat sport, therefore minor injuries are to be expected when your opponent punches out your lights. However, we are not discussing a bloody nose, cut lips, or any of the other unpleasant side effects of either kicking or being kicked in the ass today. The floor is what we'd want to talk about today, maybe because it's the last thing you'd think to think about. Yes, those "question marks" on your face are so audible!

Think about the effects of jumping, being thrown, or being bounced off of a cement floor whether you are practicing martial arts at home, at your neighborhood dojo, or even competing! The effects of hard floor training are felt in many different ways by the body. On a hard surface, practicing forms, sprinting through techniques, or sparring may rapidly wear out your knees, feet, and back. And upon being smashed to the ground during a throw, the skull, bones, and joints might suffer catastrophic harm. The necessity of properly matting the training area cannot be overstated for the sake of your poor body.

Choosing the correct mat is essential whether you train in grappling, karate, taekwondo, or MMA at home or in a facility where you will instruct other martial arts aficionados. We provide a selection of martial arts mats that are perfect for multifunctional training and all forms of martial arts. So that you can choose the mat that is perfect for you, let's speak a little more about these mats.

Puzzle Mats 

The Tatami mat is the most conventional kind of mat and is used in the majority of Japanese martial arts facilities. But in the United States, the traditional Tatami mat is rarely utilized. Foam tiles (puzzle mats) with the look of a Tatami mat are being used in its stead. These tiles are easy to install, entirely waterproof, good at insulating, and they cushion shocks from falls. When it comes to martial arts training surfaces, the Foam Puzzle Mats are a wise investment. These cost less than other types of matting surfaces.

The edges of the puzzle mats' square, individual sections are cut to resemble puzzle pieces. The whole training area is covered by these jigsaw pieces when they are all put together. The most impactful Martial Arts techniques shouldn't be practiced on the puzzle mats since they are not optimal because they are not particularly thick or shock absorbing. They are perfect for standing, punching, and kicking styles of martial arts where you could occasionally trip and fall. Our selection of top-notch Puzzle Mats will do traditional Tatami Mats justice and provide your bruised body with the necessary respite. View our Jumbo Reversible Soft Floors, Premium Puzzle Mats, Sparring Puzzle Mats, and Economy Martial Art Puzzle Mats.

Wrestling or Folding Mats 

These mats are more frequently used in grappling-based martial arts. These mats are soft, lightweight, simple to fold or modify, and simple to clean. These mats are suitable for fighting arts forms like wrestling, aikido, jiu jitsu, and judo because they are made with a layer of high-impact foam and covered in a protective, non-stick vinyl. The folding mats are a very popular grappling mat option for the home dojo setting since they are portable, quick to set out on the floor as needed, and simple to store. To create bigger training surfaces, these extensible mats are simply velcroed or taped together.

Note: Try to limit the number of smashes to the ground when practicing Judo on these mats. You will feel the impact all the way to the floor since these mats are so soft. Your feet will readily sink into the mats due to the mat's softness, making it more difficult to move about outside of fundamental movements. When practicing a standing, striking, or kicking craft on these mats, minor injuries may happen more frequently. Our selection of premium folding mats includes karate mats, all-purpose tumbling mats, competitor folding mats, and combo martial arts mats.