Get Rude, Canada!!

Seriously... are we Canadian's too polite? And, is that really such a good thing? We at Canada Mats think Canadians need to get more rude.... What do you think? Watch this video on what others think!! So talking of getting rude... and rude doormats... here is a collection of rude doormats at Canada Mats you can use in case you decide its time to Get Rude (or at-least pretend to be)!!! Oh Shit Not You Again DoormatOh Shit Not You Again Yes, this doormat from the video will take care of that pesky neighbor always borrowing things from you! A not too subtle "Rude" doormat! Come In Go Away Ambigram DoormatComeInGoAwayAmbigram This doormat has been uniquely designed to read "Come In" from one angle and a very rude "Go Away" when flipped. If you are expecting friends and family then welcome them otherwise send the un-friendlies packing by using the reverse. Go Away Synonyms Doormatgo-away-synonym-doormat Annoying soon-to-be non-friends, pesky salesmen or whoever else falls into your realm of 'not welcome' can now be put in place with this very rude coco doormat! The 'Go Away Synonyms' Coco Doormat will yell - 'Go Away' in various ways and words! Come Back With A Warrant Coco MatCome Back with a Warrant Not just a rude... but it is a rude doormat with humor combined... sure to get everyone laughing....! Not Welcome Doormatcoco-mats-not-welcome Oooppps! Sorry... We do not like you... so therefore you are "Not Welcome".. Now please go away.. do... Nothing says rude as this doormat right here! We hope you enjoy these rude doormats.. as we enjoyed making them! If you are looking for more doormats that are rude and/or funny... check us out at Canada Mats Funny Doormats.