From Coconut to Coir Doormat – Part 3: Coir Yarn to Coir Doormat

As promised we are back with the 3rd and final offering in our series of how a simple coconut becomes a beautiful coir doormat! Over the last two posts, we talked about how the coconut husk is the source material from which all coir products are made. Coconut husk goes through a process of retting and de-fibering after which, cleaned and dried coir fibers of suitable length for door mats are gathered and spun into yarn. This yarn is then wound into bundles and shipped to doormat manufactures where they are assembled into a variety of coir mats of all shapes, sizes, and designs! In this final post, we learn how the doormat manufactures weave the coir yarn into your favourite doormat! There are many different kinds of weaving methods, each creating fiber for different uses. From splicing, spooling, warping to beaming and looming, each has its own process and outcome. Depending on weaving process and configuration, there are different types of weaves:
  • Plain Weave is the simplest one and basically weaves one thread over theLoom other, alternatively and continuously.
  • Basket Weave is similar to Plain Weave, but the threads criss-cross, just like the weaving of a basket.
  • Twill Weave is achieved by interlacing threads diagonally and is greatly used in ornamental settings.
  • Three Shaft Twill Weave and Four Shaft Twill Weave are more complex and capable of creating complex patterns that are mirrored on each side of the finished product.
Coir mats we sell on Canada Mats, has a brush-like surface and are the most functional version of coir fiber mats. Coir Mats are made on hand-looms, power looms or frames and with or without brush. It is available in a range of colours, sizes and designs. The brushing qualities of coir doormats and their ability to keep the dirt away make the product a unique one. These mats are made in three types:
  • Creel, known for its thin brush fiber
  • Rod mats, known for their thick brush
  • Fiber mats, known for their compact brush
Happiness Coir DoormatOnce the basic mat type has been chosen, there are many different ways of styling the mat to fit the application. For residential use, Canada Mats leave you spoilt for choice. Ranging from Decorative Coco Doormats to our Personalized Doormats we provide you with a wide variety of designs, prints, and colors that brighten up the entrance. Our coir doormats come with text printed on them, ranging from warm and welcoming to absolutely funny. In fact, our Funny doormats are some of the highest selling doormats on we have! Our coir mats come with two options - with or without backing. If you are looking for a mat that has good anti-slip properties, you should buy a vinyl-backed coir mat. For commercial use, Canada Mats provides custom cut coir doormats cut to to fit unique large-coir-matsentrance ways or recessed well areas. Another popular coir doormat type for businesses is our custom logo coco doormats. At Canada Mats, we have three different types of custom logo coir doormats - Printed Custom Logo Mats, Inlaid Custom Logo Coir Mats, and the Flocked Logo Coco Mats. With that, we come to the end of this little 3-part series. If you would like more information or have a query, please call us toll free at 800- 624-0041. To browse through our wide collection of coir doormats, please visit