Father’ Day Gift Idea’s

Yes, Father’s Day is around the corner (June 21’st!!!) and if all you son’s and daughter’s are scrambling around to find the perfect Father’s Day gift then – yeah, it can be a tough one! This year why don’t we go down the “unique” route rather than the usual getting him a tie or a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug (how many does he have already?). We thinks this year you should really show your love for dad with something extra special... something unique... and something totally DIY (Done It Yourself!!). Your dad will really appreciate the thought and effort you put into his gift... you will appreciate the ease of making it... and the fact that these DIY gifts are really inexpensive makes the whole thing totally worth it! If you are lost for some really unique gift idea’s – that you can easily make and are the kind that dear dad will actually use – then let us help you out! We’ve compiled some really kick-ass DIY Father’s Day gifts that we are quite confident your dad will love! We are so confident that we are quietly patting ourselves on the back.... 1. DIY Toddler Art T-Shirt DIYTshirtFathersDay Get your toddler to scribble to their hearts desire!! All it needs is a T-shirt (duh!), masking tape, a sharpie and ofcourse adult supervision! Here is how to make this super cool DIY doodle tshirt 2. Dad's Favourite Infused Liquor FathersDayInfusedLiquor Hic! Hic! Here is how to make this awesome 'hic" inducing jars of infused goodness! 3. The Beer Can Cake - Cake You Can Drink! FathersDayBeerCake Come on.. this is one literally self explanatory... but we are all about making thing super easy for you... so here are the instructions for the Beer Can Cake. 4. Wooden Beer Tote 3-beer-totes Ok, alright... this one may take a tad bit more effort (and some carpenting skills) but we promise it doesn't take too long to put together and the final product will be a really awesome gift and your dad will absolutely love it.. even if he isn't a beer drinker... he can use this tote for bottles of soda even! Here is how you make this tote of goodness! 5. The Very Macho Drink Coasters Drink Coasters DIY Your dad will love to use these coasters over and over again! So get on with it and learn how to make these macho drink coasters! 6. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream homemade-rosemary-mint-shaving-cream-top Sheer genius this gift! How can any dad not love this one! Make your lovely Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream with coconut oil and shea butter that smells of a delicious rosemary-mint pairing!! 7. Wine Bottle Tumblers 7-vine-bottle Gift your dad his own set of special “manly” tumblers made from old wine bottles. Learn how to make these gorgeous glasses - quick and easy! 8. Hand Stamped Handkerchiefs Hand Stamped HandkerchiefsSome plain handerkerchiefs, some interesting handmade stamps = a great practical dads day gift! Here is how you make these one of a kind hand stamped handkerchiefs 9. Family Photo Coasters 49-coasters Easy, inexpensive and really really special and meaningful... Learn how to create your very own Dad Special Family Photo Coaster 10. Bacon Parmesan, Buffalo Ranch, and Chocolate Wine flavored salts... diy-flavored-popcorn-salts-feature ... for popcorn, steak and even under salted potato chips! Learn how to make these DIY flavoured salts your dad would absolutely love! After going through these really creative and inspiring DIY Fathers Day gifting ideas, if you suddenly came to a realization that you really really suck at Doing It Yourself... We are still here to help you guys out...! Come on over to Canada Mats today or tomorrow to pick up some interestingly unique things your dad would love to have around the house. To give you a nudge in the right direction - look at our Garage Floor Mats, some seriously Funny Doormats, specially Personalized Doormats with your dad's name, Home Gym mats if your dad is an exercise nut and many more.... Sources: DIY & Crafts, Buzzfeed